Questionable Corner

Greetings and salutations to you denizens of the deep, writers or the wrong, curators of chaos, and purveyors of perv. Today I bring good tidings of great joy!

I’m starting a Discord. :fgo_gudako:

Mostly just starting it for the things we can’t discuss on GP or would make people here uncomfortable to discuss. Links we might not feel comfortable sharing, horni that goes just a bit too far(or way too far depending on who you are), that kind of thing. Also places where you can discuss topics that might get shouted down like politics, religion, or just depressing shit in general.

Starting it as a separate Discord from Busti’s because I don’t mind the potential problems and arguments it might cause but don’t want to risk that causing problems for Busti and Flower.

Before you get concerned about liking some of these but not others worry not! I have 3 roles prepared for what you do or don’t want to see:

Deviant Division: This lets you see the sexy stuff without having to deal with the debate threads. So no politics required if you just want to let your freak flag fly!

Contemplation Corps: Opposite of the above role. You can see the debate topics but don’t need to concern yourself with the horni if you don’t want to.

Forbidden Force: This is for the special people among us with tastes that go so far beyond the usual that I literally cannot mention them here for fear of violating ToS.

That’s all. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll either DM you an invite or send it directly through Discord, but no pressure if you’re not :fgo_bbsmile:


What about if all you want is to argue


You can just choose to have access to the debate section if that’s all you want. Technically that’s all I could offer you anyway since I know you’re not 18 yet




It’s an interesting offer, and I can’t contain the horny anymore


I want to join, but I don’t know how to discord :fgo_brynsad:


Relatively easy. Sign up with an email address and I can pop you an invite either in Discord or with a link. System is like a hybrid between a chat room and a forum.


I’m interested, alright


Thanks Aard! I’ll try it out in a couple of hours!


Me! Me!i want in! Me! Me me!

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Sign me up! :fgo_umu:


I’m down sis :relieved:

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Interested, curious to see how this turns out.

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