Questionq about Shiki (assassin)

So, the Kara no Kyoukai event is getting a rerun and since I wasn’t playing when the first event came out, I want to try and get Shiki (assassin).
Questions: Shiki’s ascension materials are sharp knives right? Can you only get them in the event? So if I don’t get them all I can’t enhance Shiki to the max level right? (just to be sure)
Also, how hard is the event? what level do you recommend my servants to be?

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You get all right

I have heard it’s easy

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Every event with a welfare servant will give you their ascension mats, and some of their skill mats.
The KnK event is a mission event, so you’ll basically be going to different levels and farming enemy kills.
It should be pretty easy to get everything you need for Shiki, it’s clearing all the missions that would be annoying. Not hard, just annoying.


Thanks. I asked about the difficulty because I’ve seen events that recommend high level servants and I don’t think all my servants are going to be ready for something like this since the event is this month.

I what singularity you are for make my an idea?

Thank you.

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Was nothing

5th singularity. I’m doing my best to level up my servants at the moment tho.


Then you will be fine on the event