Questions about 2020 Servant summons NA

Hello everyone! This is my first time posting here. I was just wondering what servant recommendations you all have for 2020. I am f2p so I don’t have a lot of quartz to spend, so just focusing on one or two servants seems to be the most logical action to take for me. I am definatley going to roll for Skadi, but other than that, I don’t really know what to do. I was debating on whether I should roll for either Dantes or Shi Huang Di. Dantes for farming with Skadi and Shi Huang Di because I like his design and heard he was good. I already have Atalanta and zerkerlot though so maybe I dont need Dantes?

I believe zerkalot is just as good as dantes for skadi memes (might be wrong though) so you’re prob good. If you like memes though you might wanna grab summer BB since her card lock skill is supposed to be really good.

zerkerlot is almost exclusively used for farming, Dantes is more versatile than zerkerlot with a quick deck so you can use him to blitz CQ as well.

Ultimately, i would you should roll whoever you prefer. But if you have no particular preference or just want to focus on gameplay effectiveness than Dantes + Skadi is without doubt the best choice for 2020.

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I’m declining mention the typical adage I do because that’s pointless if you prioritize gameplay more.

Skadi/Dantes is the answer. NP1 is effective for farming, although may involve facecarding beefier W2/W3’s, but it’s still pretty reliable. QSH is well worth the investment if you’re specifically in the business of a powerful ST DPS you can bring basically anywhere that ain’t piercing invul, although for as powerful as he is I value him less than Dantes due to the game being primarily farming. If you care more for having your own for harder content/CQs/etc. despite that, then I suppose he’s what you want for your file.

Nyanta and Zerkerlot, even at high NP levels (I’ve got them NP3/NP1 respectively), do not invalidate Dantes who has both high output and refund, when usually you have to make a trade-off between one or the other. Because of your perspective I recommend getting a Parvati this next guaranteed SR event (this ~Nov with Abby’s next rate-up), as she is one of the top farmers full stop alongside her spammable NP + Charm-on-NP giving her reasonable crowd control outside of farming contexts.

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I think the biggest issue regarding Dantes is the fact that he’s like an week or so after Skadi so your luck with her is hopefully good.

I wonder myself about Achilles though.

After looking at how good Shi Huang Di is at Solo , I’m definitely trying to save up enough for him despite so many other attractive banners before him (Eresh for example).

Obvs roll for who you want (I rolled for Culter, after all), but it’s worth noting that QSH can simply be borrowed off of support for exactly those circumstances.

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I dont recommend QSH even though he is a powerful soloer.
As you are F2P, the number of SSRs you can aim for is limited unless you have EX rank luck.
Focus on those SSRs who can do double duty as farmer and challenge quest clearer.
This is obviously the Skadi + Dantes combo.

If you have QSH, you will have spent valuable SQ on a servant who will be idling in your inventory for 99% of the time. You could have rolled for skadi, dantes, achilles, okita alter etc.