Questions about Bridal Lilina and Elimine


Whilst updating some of my ARD maps, i got to working on Anima. Countering Elimine is what I’m looking to do here. I won’t be able to counter a max invested Elimine, but most people just have a +0/+1 anyway.

So questions.

Does somebody know when bridal Lilina is going to return on a banner? I dont keep track of this stuff, but I think it wasnt long ago so I probably have to wait a bit.

And to be sure, odd/even recovery does not counter Elimine, right?


Edit: one more question. Say an Elimine is placed to counter an infantry unit with times pulse. That times pulse then doesnt activate, correct? But what if another member of the party has infantry pulse or grandscratcher or something like that? Does that still go off?

Thanks for the intel!

About recovery skills, I went googling and found a long reddit thread saying only damaging and healing effects take place, but recovery skills dont work. Several posters in that thread (about 5 months ago) say that it does not work. So did it get fixed then? I would test it easily, but i dont have her (which you probably already guessed).

All the other stuff seems logical, but the empirical confirmation would be great.

And I have another question. Say you use quickened pulse on Sigurd to have the special ready turn one. He gets inflicted with false start, but is in range of a odd recovery healer. Will he get cured and receive the -1 special cd, or will he get cured but after the cooldown got canceled out?

Elimine and False Start is a bit complicated.

Buffs and Penalty-Neutralization–from Recoveries/Kia Staff–trigger at the same time, while healing (and damage) effects occur after. If you had False Start inflicted, you won’t recieve your buffs if you’re cleansed via Recovery. If you didn’t, your buffs trigger.

There’s more layers to this than anyone was expecting when she first dropped.

Here’s a post you can refer to. (Technically a shameless plug lmao.)

The last reply as of writing this probably explains it the best.


So, tldr, recovery will not counter the effect. Sigurd would not receive the QP reduction in the example I wrote above even if he got recovered?

This is what my unitial research told me also, but CohTahSoa makes a solid argument against it.

I still think I have a counter in mind, but it would require a hefty investment, both orbs and feathers. And even though I dont care about feathers anymore, it would also mean completely sacking a +10 unit I currently have built up fully.

The recovery would not help him regain his QP seal, correct. Nor would he regain his +1 movement.

And don’t rid of a +10. That’s wasteful.