Questions on a few units

Holy bells, Batman… I think it’s safe to say my luck will officially be exhausted for a few months.
I have a fair few new units, courtesy of the New Years banner but I’ll just cover the ones I think I could use some advice on…

  1. NY Anna! Love her design and weapon, but uh… Her IV’s slightly worry me. I’m not sure her base kit is going to cut the ice here unless I somehow summon another since it seems heavily reliant on her Res. Any ideas?

Got my second one of Mikoto here, and left with an interesting choice. Do I merge her into my other one (the other has +Spd/-HP) or do I pass some of her skills to someone else? It looks like she has quite a few useful ones.

Next up… Brave Eliwood?! Okay, not the duo hero but I will GLADLY take it. Does he need any sort of tweaking or can I get away with the set he has?
(Also, THOSE SKILLS… What. The crap.)

Lastly for the new ones… Another blue break and an awkward one at that. Nailah with a… frankly terrible IV set. Do I have any reason to use her over Naesala or Panne? I’m tempted to pass off her Distant Counter to Libra or Idunn tbh, but if anyone has other suggestions I’m all ears (or eyes, rather).

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Nailah is the only one, who can create the by-the-books build for Brave Ike if that’s something that you care about.

Eliwood needs no tweaking. Just take care, since he will have 36hp with that bane.

Don’t know about Mikoto. Her staff is cool, so I’d save it for later.

Mikoto’s staff is premium, especially if paired with offensive glass cannon units that would normally rely on Desperation effects to initiate safely. I wouldn’t merge her just the once over using the fodder.

I would fodder Nailah to someone that wants Null C and DC, so an infantry tank. B!Ike is the best option but if you already have him built or don’t want to use him, there are plenty of others. Inheriting just DC from her is suboptimal when Null C is so rare.

Nailah is DC+NCD fodder. Really really good for B!Ike and other tanks. That NCD is too good to throw away, only fodder Nailah to someone like B!Ike. Mikoto has a really good staff. If you have another invested staff unit then they will like to have that

While she doesn’t have the best bane, Anna’s boon is pretty good at bringing up her ok attack. If you want to patch up the res bane you could always just run the standard fury+desperation set. Other than that Death Blow or Swift Sparrow are decent options for her A slot and her B slot is still pretty good with her res bane.

If you want to use Mikoto’s staff on another staff unit fodder the +hp -def one. The other skills are now available on easier to obtain units (NY!Eir brings Brazen Atk/Res into the grail shop and Brady has Infantry Rush and he’s in the 4*/5* pool).

If you don’t want to put her staff on anyone else, merge the new one into the +spd one, Mikoto really needs speed so she can avoid being doubled and double herself. The HP bane on the +Spd one isn’t a huge issue though, as Mikoto shouldn’t really be taking hits with the Wrazzle Dazzle combo. The only time its an issue is if you’re using the tier 4 push skills.

Brave Eliwood’s base kit is fine. Maybe put a horse emblem buff in the c slot if you use him on one. And if you don’t want to use his ruse skill you could just put desperation in there or something like that, a lull skill would be good too.

Nailah has really good fodder in dc and Null C disrupt so I would try and fodder her to someone who can use both of those skills (Max invested B!Ike really likes both of those).