Quests that have 2 waves for single NP dmg testing

Hi guys, I just wanna ask: How many quests that have 2 waves (the second wave has 1 enemy with HP around 200 or more) can I find ? Not from events, just from singularities and lostbelts. I remember Babylonia has one but I wanna find if there are any quest else

The…Camelot>Hidden village zone has 2 waves. Used frequently for bond farming.


Oh ok thank you very much, I’ll try that quest. My luck with this game this year is very bad, I saved sq for passion lip, king protea, kiara, now okita alter but didnt get any of them. So now I want to go solo instead of farming with AoE NP servants. :fgo_kamagrimace:

If you want to learn solo, i suggest royal Castel in Camelot.
There is also a good spot in shimousa, the one with the orochi in the second wave and assassin of Paraiso in the third. I can’t remember the name right now.
For more casual solo, land of death in Camelot .
Also, the node with avenger of shinjuku at shinjuku is a nice node.

When testing solo, i suggest not using counter class but going neutral.

Those are general use node, but there are others if you are willingly to never complete them


Thank you for your reply, sorry for my bad writting, what I actually mean is that buff stacking , not solo (my writting is bad…). Thats why I only need 2 waves, I use Arash in wave 1 and replace him with support that can buff my dps in wave 2, just to test single NP dmg

Why not just use a tool instead of wasting AP?


Not wasting AP tho, I can farm bond point, materials, etc… It just likes why you roll for waifus/husbandos instead of borrowing them from friends

Btw thank you for sharing that link, It will be useful for me :fgo_kiyo:

What Recks might mean here is that using a calculator to satisfy your curiosity while spending your AP on the current event would be more lucrative.


Yeah I know that but I like watching my fav servant NP more than using a tool. Thats why I say its like why we roll for our fav servants instead of borrowing them

Actually right now, I feel like I dont wanna play the event anymore. Save and farm sq just to get CE …

Tbh completing events is one of the few efficient ways to work on your current favorite Servants and to prepare for new favorites.

Ultimately it’s 100% up to you since it’s your game, but there isn’t much point to prioritizing bond farm if you’re not pulling together enough resources to develop Servants.


No no, I dont prioritizing bond farming. I make this post because:

  1. I failed to get kiara passionlip kingprotea and okita alter that all of them have AoE NP, especially kiara and okita alter who have NP charge skill for 3 turn farming
  2. I have a lot of single target NP servants that I dont usually use (except for boss fight, need to nuke the boss)

Thats why I need some quests like I say above, just to have a reason to use my single target NP servants

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Thats also why I dont use dmg cal tool :))
Didnt get any of them made me depressed asf so I want to play with the servants I dont usually use

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3t farming can be done without even touching the sq gacha . Do you have any 50% starting charge ces? If that is the case, take arash, take Sparta, borrow waver. Use his party battery, the use arash’s battery. Boom, wave 1 is gone. Next turn, use Sparta’s skills then np. W 2 is gone. Then, for w3, take a good st servant you have that has a 20% battery or higher, use waver’s 30 % on them, and np the one with the highest hp, and proceed to face card the remaining mooks

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As mentioned above, there’s plenty of low rarity Servants than can help you AoE farm especially if you have 50% CEs.

But I wouldn’t get too hung up on 3T farming, it’s not always feasible, the current event is an example of that. Also, I sometimes take ST Servants when it isn’t necessarily the most efficient thing to do, simply because I find it fun. If I can farm currency, etc from an event at the same time, all the better.


While I admit that it can get tedious after a while, I generally enjoy spawn missions like these since it’s more an “anything goes” approach, and I actually get to see face card animations outside of a CQ :slight_smile:

I was kind of tempted to roll more Okita Alter copies since watching her has been so much fun this time around, but I’ve held my ground.



I mean if you’re just damage testing, literally any enemy should suffice

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Well I can use low rarity servants but I like okita alter NP animation and kiara who has 50% charge with Art AoE NP. Usually high rarity servants have better stat and I use them not only for farming but also for CQ

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