Quetzacoatl vs Kintoki rider (NP damage)



Hi! I got a NP3 quetzacoatl, I think that quetzacoatl is a better servant in general, but in the np damage im not that sure, who you think can score the highest damage between np3 quetz or np5 kintoki?


An NP2 Quetz will, only self-buffed at max rank and with fous and at 80 and 90 respectively, outdamage Kintoki (Rider). By about 1000 damage give or take (56.7k). Thus, an NP3 will have a significantly more damage than Kintoki.


From time to time i use support Quetz NP2 but her NP dmg < Kintoki (lv 90 + max fous).


Kintoki can probably dish out more IF you’re somehow getting extra levels of overcharge with him.


According to this: https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/User:Ein_Inferno#Rider NP3 Quetz should hit harder than NP5 Kintoki.