Quick and Arts versions of Ox Demon King

Do you think we will ever get the Quick and Arts version of this CE? Personally, I am not sure, but considering we are in the middle of the looping meta I highly doubt they will be welfare ces like Ox demon King.


It’s a question I’ve asked myself and wish I had a good answer

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Nope. But if it did exist nobody would use it for farming cause six slots


The closest would probably be Wandering Tales of Shano-oh, and unfortunately that’s a death trigger CE

You should fire yourself. You’re looking for answers not excuses! :fgo_saltersmug:

I don’t think we’ll ever get them (at least anytime soon) but farming isn’t the reason. I suspect they just think ox king was stronger than they wanted and don’t want even more (arguably better) ox kings in the game


Imagine how useful that CE would be if Arash had a 100% np battery. Like that one meme video where all of Arash’s skills are batteries and overcharge buffs.




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Makes me wonder if you’d still get the death effect from the ce if Asclepius gave him guts first :thinking:. Is that too much to hope for?

I just want another poster girl.

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the closetest there is to one is this one - but it isn’t good like ox demon king.