Quick F2P Caster Support

Why it isn’t there?

Arts have Paracelsus and Mozart. Buster has Shakes and Chen (Also Gilles can be both support if you consider his arts and buster resist down now :P). Meanwhile, the closest quick support we have for 1-3 star is Alex and he is a rider, ugh…

Seems developer really hate quick cards.

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Why do all support have to be caster. Riderin has a nice quick/buster support. If you didn’t miss her last event she’s a nice option. And maybe not exactly F2P, but wu is good quick support and she’s in the general pool for easier capture.

But you still have Hans with his crit support, and quick teams usually have plenty of stars


Well, Rin’s value while good, isn’t nearly as big as the other supports like Shakespeare (40%), Mozart (44%) or Chen (50%) and outside of that one skill, she can’t really be a support, especially because she steals stars thanis to her Rider Star weight.

@Artblue24 i would say at this point it’s insistance of the devs that Skadi is all the playerbase needs to fix quick so they just don’t add a budget support. People bring up Wu nd Alex but neither of them is a pure support nor do they offer much besides damage. Mozart and Paracelsus are universal because of their 3rd skills while Chen is Chen and Shakespeare can at least charge an ally’s gauge.

Well, that’s just how it is. We can’t do anything about that, but the fun is in being resourceful. There’s friend’s Skadi, Alex, Wu…

If one likes quick comps enough, then they’ll make it work no matter what

Because when the game first came out Quick was the unwanted step-child of the developers and they could care less that our premiere support was Atalante.


Cuz dw didn’t and, to a certain degree, still doesn’t truly understand the game mechanics of their own game. To an extent, the still think quick cards are 90% for gaining stars so quick support only increases the star drop potential as their main draw with upping the damage of quick cards as a close second.

But hey, Mata hari decreases defense 3 separate ways. That helps quick cards, right?


Because they just didn’t want to do it and that’s all

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The best f2p caster Quick support is friend list Skadi.


Caster is ideal for supporting. Low star weight prevent them from stealing stars from main DPS, unlike rider support. You can argue that Quick team is capable of making 30-40 stars easily so everyone will get stars so star weight are not important, but in actual gameplay, its inconsistent.

By the way, riderin is not dedicated support. She only have one support skill, she’s more capable filling sub dps role or even the main one.

I haven’t test wu yet so i dont have many argument about her


True, I do shy away from support with high starweight, but riderin was a freely available servant who could pitch in as support for quick if other options aren’t available. Some people even leave her lvl1 9/-/- for her support in esports comps.

Assassins have low starweight and make decent options as support. I actually haven’t used wu either, but I have been enjoying okkie as an alternative to native skadi and she’s been working quite well despite needing an np to unlock her quick support.


So you’re looking for a non-SSR caster that party-buffs Q and does maybe some passive stargen ?
Would you also be interested in a 6-hit Q and a 20% party battery as well ?
How about some AoE debuffs on her NP ?
Added bonus: she’s on rate-up in something like two months.

As usual, the obvious yet forgotten answer was Helenaaaaa!!


Honestly, she probably is unironically the most usable quick support behind Skadi… That is kind of sad.

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Helena is general use. Bruh, if general support included in my criteria, hans is the best candidate for this topic.

we dont even have a quick np caster so it makes sense theres no quick support caster with low rarity. Other than both atalantes,rider istar , wu, helena and alexander do we even have anymore party quick up servant?

Because they wanted people to fork over more cash for Skadi, obviously.

Waver is so much better unless you also the need Helena’s AoE caster damage.

There is also Caesar who buffs attack and NP damage, Ushi who buffs attack and NP gauge regen

Because quick as a mechanic has already served to be irrelevant making it so DW is less incentivised to create a much more appealing F2P quick support. The more DW produces accessible ways to generate passive stargen the less likely quick will be supported. We will still be getting quick servants with their own selfish/party quick buffs but they’ll ultimately become Buster-Arts Hybrids for that’s what Skadi did. Made it so that quick cards are tolerable to use for combat but not for its intended mechanic of generating stars. Hence why Skadi gives a quick only 100% crit dmg buff to give us a reason to use quick cards.

The first nail on the quick cards coffin was the introduction of 2030, then more passive stargen CEs, then skills, non-quick NPs generating stars, The free Waver ticket next yearand so on. So yeah, less gameplay incentive overall.

But who knows, maybe DW would one day give us a bronze 1-turn quick buffer for completionist’s sake.


Malter have a party 20% Quick up, a targetable cooldown reduction, targetable 50% star gen, and a little heal after buff

For starters, general does not mean inferior. Then, the best candidate depends on which Q servant you’re trying to buff (you never said that in the first place).
If you just want a few turns with a lot of stars, Hans is the better choice (assuming he even survives three turns for maximum number of stars). Same if you need DefUp or Heal.
On the other hand, Hans’ offensive buff is just some ATK (assuming it even procs, and when you have to hope it does, you should always count it out anyway). ATK buffs are not rare at all among DPS self steroids and stacking much of the same buff type is the lesser result in general.
If you want to buff Medusa, she already has a +30% ATK self-buff, so Hans’ NP buff no longer equals “+20% dmg” for her but only something like 13,3% (130% -> 150%). Helena’s +20% Q buff on the other hand will work wonders as a real +20% of the overall damage.
If you’re trying to buff Atalante, it’s the exact opposite because it’s suddenly the ATK buff that she can’t provide for herself.

@Shahadem : OP asked for lower-rarities. Even SRs like Helena or Wu are already wrong answers. It’s why no one mentioned him.

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As usual, the obvious yet forgotten answer was Helenaaaaa!!

No, begone accursed long cooldowns! :fgo_badciv:

What we need is a consistent caster quick support that isn’t Skadi or 5 star or limited so that the regular folks can have Quick support too.

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