Quick F2P Caster Support

Maybe for this next anniversary we can get a wave of f2p units, and maybe, just maybe, this gaping whole that has been around for over half a decade will finally be filled.

Hopefully, I’m quite interested in the possibilities of a Quick Caster, as I’ve only thought of one so far myself, but he’s a debuffer rather than a support (Robert Liston, he’s over on the servant design thread, post number 185). I’m sure there’s potential for more, just haven’t thought of others yet.

I do agree on the general absence of standard Q support, but I also feel like there aren’t too many consistent supports for the others either. If we exclude SSRs, who do we have left exactly ? CasGil and Paracelsus, both Arts support casters.

Shakespeare and Mozart are made of paper (just like Hans) and in addition, their (definitely strong) buffs are for one-turn bursts only.

So as long as we’re talking about buffing a colour’s efficiency in a non-burst fashion and providing a few other support services at the same time, Helena is pretty much your only choice among non-SSR casters, for Quick AND Buster (unless I’m forgetting someone).
Bunyan would be the only viable low-rarity B support with a low star weight if we overlook the bronze berserker survivability problem. (alternative to Nightingale)
Riders and archers have too much star weight to begin with (sorry Alexander/Atalante), avengers don’t have anyone up to the job and the rest of the classes are more or less on equal ground for stars.

I would assume DW considered for a long time that the valid buff for quick servants was crit damage up. But that kind of play clearly won’t work if you’re trying to 3T farm or ST-boogah your 7G Dmg turn. Then Skadi happened.

That’s actually a pretty good point.

In that case, what we’re missing is a 1-2 star servant with Quick burst capacity to complete the trio with Mozart and Shakespeare.

unless I’m forgetting someone

Queen of Sheba for Buster/Arts support

Aside from her that’s a fair point that you have to start searching outside of the caster class for other supports:

  • Quick/Buster is Rider Ishtar
  • Currently no Arts/Quick support out there
  • Buster is either Bunyan or Leonidas or Summer Raikou or Penth if we ignore 5 stars
  • Arts is Lanling, Sakamoto and Boudica
  • Quick is Alexander, Atalante and Wu Zetian
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then,what can we expect from a Quick F2P Caster Support?
Looping Capabilities?Or Crits? or a mix of both Mozart/Hans/Para?
I guess I’d also like a slice of Quick Resist)
so something like:
1st Skill: Increase Quick Card effectiveness for a single ally (20-40%) (3 turns). Decrease Quick Resist for all enemies (10-20%) (1 turn)
2nd Skill: Increase all allies Critical Strength (3 turns) (20-30% to derail from Hans abit). Gain Critical Stars (5-15)
3rd Skill: Something for self?Depending on lore i guess
probably gonna be a 3 star for the likes of it
speaking of which,3 star Caster Buster Support when

Somehow, despite people mentioning Helena, no one remembers Chiron?

probably because his skill is single target and because he is an Archer

anyone got imagination of how 1-3 stars quick support skills look like? I want to hear your idea, just for fun :D