Quick Ideas for her



Hi there.
Quick question:
Have you some original ideas to build this precious thing called SUMMER CORRIN?
Of course merges are out of discussion. Luckily she has good iv btw. There are other builds i can run on her that might be funnier to use than just spam fury desp and bladetome?


Eh, she’s really not that flexible.

You could run her with Blarserpent or something to make her tanky-ish.

Maybe go with Blarowl and make her with mixed defenses?


I tried making something creative this is the best I came up with.

but yeah blade tome is probably her best build but I do agree that it’s bit boring and not that interesting.


I just use her with her base tome. Who needs power when you can be FASHIONABLE
But yeah blade tome is surely the best for her


But her tome is absolute ass in both utility and fashion.


So you’re a fan of drive atk/spd 0.5? :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t say that.
Throwing fishes to the enemies is the best way to kill them.
I really want to use Sealife Tome but it sucks <_<



Sealife Tome?