Quick question about command codes

Do command codes show up on your support servants? It could just be bad luck, but I haven’t seen a single support with one.

They do show in the middle of support’s cards when selecting supports, but all the CCs we have now are half-decent at best AFAIK, nothing worth it except for healing and debuff cleansing CCs if there’s no other options.


Considering CCs can’t be removed with out the appropriate item (and that they can’t even be installed without the appropriate item), no one is going to put inferior or even subpar CCs on their Servants.

I’ve seen two Servants with one CC each in my friend list so far.
I guess they either didn’t wanna wait any longer to use that feature or simply didn’t know it better.

That is slightly incorrect.
If you use 1-2* you can overwrite them with a new one, the old one will be lost however they are available from the FP summons so not that hard to obtain.
It is only 3-5* that requires the Code Remover.

I admit that my current CC isn’t the best but Enkidu can create more stars now, is more likely to crit with the arts card and the Buster crits also harder.
All are 1-2* so I can just slap on the new Codes when I obtain them without any new investments or material costs.

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Ah, my bad. :sweat_smile:

No worries.
I was hesitating for the same reason on JP… well that and I haven’t figured out good Codes for team use :sweat_smile:
At least on NA I’ve got good servants for Solo that can take advantage of the Codes.

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