Quick question about Reines

Just a quick question, I have this stupid bug with Reines, whenever I do a Buster Quick chain with her, her quick attack always lags before the animation goes off. I tried playing with a friend’s Reines and I don’t get this lag, what is going on?

Maybe different sprite, mine is first and she’s fine.

Or possibly the type of device?

Your phone sucks and can’t handle that particular animation without loading for a bit.

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While they could have phrased it more politely, let’s be fair here. You didn’t mention the model of your phone so them assuming a low performance phone is the cause is a fair assumption to make because low RAM or otherwise subpar hardware is a common cause of lag.

Not to mention that responding in kind just because you don’t like what or how someone said something is just as bad on your part.

If your phone isn’t the problem then the only thing I can think of might be downloading the rest of the game data from “My Room”. I don’t feel like that’s the issue but that is the only thing I can think of if the issue is with the game itself and not your phone.


I’ll recognize this. It was dumb of me to ask here in the first place.

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