Quick question about the upcoming Summer servants


I have some quick questions here mind helping me with those? Yeah, thanks! Alright here goes :

1 - How good is the upcoming Summer Jeanne, talking outside of the event. Is she a good looper for an Art servant?
2 - “Same” question how about BB, since she is the first 5 star Moon Cancer, I know how her skills are actually “game breaking” in terms of card rules, but is she worth pulling for?
3 - For Gem hell in general, should I try to spend some AP on the Training ground, or should I just wait for the Gilfest and farm the loto like a mad man?

And yeah I think that’s pretty much it. This game is a grind é_è


Jeanne Archer is suppose to be good, so I would look forward to her… Idk about alter, But she is welfare and this is as close as I will get to ever getting her.

Then you have summer BB, Her skills look very interesting .

I would like to give you big brain answers, but I honestly have not really looking into the summer servants that are coming up , My only focus has been Jalter .

Jeanne Archer is the one of the best Arts loopers in the game (I think she’s personally the best). If you get her, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Don’t really have an answer for BB. Her niche is cool and can have some fun meme set-ups but she’s only worth pulling for if you really like her as a character. Her niche isn’t strong enough to pull for on it’s own.

I’ve been doing grinding for blue gems as the AP cost is so, so low. However I would wait for Gilfest / Christmas if you want to farm.

After Nero Bride’s upgrade, Jeanne becomes the only looper who needs no CE to loop at all, which leaves it open for a Event CE or damage CE. People in JP farm even Lancers with her.

Gilfest. Definitely. But if you need fast farm on natural AP, blue and red gems are quite easy to gather but non Caster yellow gems are awful to get there.


Ok a good take, yeah that sounds reasonable I also have Nero Bride so it’s perfect.

While we are at it I have a quick question, I know it’s not a thing on JP anymore but not sure for NA, when you reach max QP are you locked out of burning things or not?

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No idea. I’m extremely poor in QP and have never got to the cap.

No you’re not locked out if you’re at max QP

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If you want a fun and unique servants, sure

Half AP event are a good chance to do it without feeling that you are waisting AP in the training ground

But doesnt Jeanne need to be NP2 to loop consistently?
Asking cause I also have bride

It’s better to have NP2 so you can hit certain damage thresholds more easily but she can loop at NP1 much like Dantès can.

The bigger issue of lower NP levels is actually killing the 3rd wave. If you like Jeanne i do recommend going for NP2 or above, especially if you don’t have Black Grail (like me).

Well let’s hope that my quartz stach is enough LMAO

I can’t give a hard answer for Jeanne (I do not have any arts looping capabilities yet), also i had the misfortune of having more quick-based servants so have focused more in that department (as i was waiting for Skadi) .

But I certainly would Pull BB for memebased funs (also wifu material). I do also think she is a very strong crit servant if you can get her going, (There are a few videos on youtube that demonstrate it).

As for burning apples for the 1/2 AP. I’d say go for it if you Need it. I have alot of servants I’ve been out of blue/red gems and its really helped me get em up to level 6 skills and they play considerably better so I feel much more prepared for harder content and also for the summer farming events (Also got a Skadi in there i need to finish off but I’ll hopefully have her 10/10/10 in the next few weeks or so) . I did burn 10 gold apples and I am satisfied, wasn’t a heavy investment but i am happy, and I have 60 spare.

For Summer BB, if you’re going for Crit servants she might be a good pull since their damage works with how many face cards they get. If you’re at all serious about Super Orion, you might want to try for her since his damage is based on the cards he gets

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I’ve used several apples already simply to try and stock up on secret gems. Lancer secret gems in particular are pretty low for me, followed by assassin. I hate getting monuments.

Summer BB can enable absolute filth with a couple of other Servants. She can lock in Hokusai’s Arts card to stack up huge defence down using Hokusai’s S3, or Buster cards for Buster crit monsters like Jalter (or, somewhat, Summer BB herself) that normally only get to use those cards once every 3 turn cycle. Mind you, you still have to draw those cards, plus either waste a frontline Servant spot on her or keep her at the ready to plugsuit in for a good hand so it’s not anything resembling consistent. If you like memes though, or have a Servant who’s dependent on good draws already, she can be a nifty choice.

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