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So Huge Fan has the effect of when a [bonus] is active on a unit, such as a hone or rally, they gain atk/def+4 and special cooldown charge +1 per the enemies attacks. I just wanted to know if odd/even wave skills counted as an acceptable bonus for a unit. I wanted to make an OG!Camilla build that utilized odd and even spd wave and some other skills to make an enemy phase tanker and was wondering if a build like this would actually work out or if I should change it up in some way or another. For the record, I know a joint skill would be better overall since it wouldn’t matter which turn it was as long as she was next to another unit before the turn began, it’s just I don’t have any to fodder off. Another thought would be to give her an Oath or Rouse, but I don’t think I have any of those either. Just wondering if odd/even waves work. Thanks in advance for your input. I really appreciate it!


Anything that gives you a visible buff works. Meaning Waves do, but things from Drives do not.

Also it doesn’t just have to be a visible buff, Duo skills that add effects like from Palla or Micaiah work too. Hell, Peony’s dance should work as well. I’m not sure if Panic removes the “Bonus” effect but the additional effect you get from Peony should be considered a bonus.


Thanks for the quick reply. That works for me, so I will continue to go with my original plan. Appreciate the help :+1:


Np. I also added a little bit as buffs aren’t the only way in receiving the additional effect from those weapons.


Ah yes, I can see that now. Cool! Thanks again for the help :v:

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