Quick question with Mythics/Legends

I know using mythics with a legend outside of AR gives the mythics stats from the legend if their seasons overlap, but does this also work with arena scoring? (like how blessed units get a score boost when used with a legend unit)

Never thought about it before so thought I’d ask.

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nope it doesnt
you only get the stats, but scoring doesnt change

Is this confirmed at all.

If legend units count as mythic blessed on AR, surely mythics count as legend blessed in Arena :feh_maethink:

That and I looked at the arena score calculator and that says matching seasons do boost the score so :feh_eirikathink:

Well then try it for yourself if you dont wanna believe me :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t believe you get even the stats for it, but I might be wrong on that. The Arena calc doesn’t cross out any Mythic unit’s Blessing so if the seasons are together, maybe? If they get a stat boost then that boosts their overall scoring, at least I would think.

Mythics count for whatever the season is
so if it’s for example Astra/Water - you can use Altina and she will have the score bonus what a Chrom/Leif/Azura will have but it will not aid your team in blessings. or whatever.

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Mythics will count as blessed units for their respective seasons and will boost your arena score

Source: I use them every single week