Quick questions regarding CEs for my arts team :D

Hey all!

I just wanted to ask for your guys’ opinions regarding the CE choices for my arts team, which I am very fond of.
I have build a few CE bombs so that I could max level 1 CE, but I am not quite sure which one to chose yet, so let me show you my team real quick:

So basically Jeanne is my tank, Hokusai is my damage dealer and CasGil & Tamamo are the supports that trade places depending on the approach (more offense or defense).
Since I have only 1x Prisma Cosmos and 2x 2030 I can’t level those beyond lvl 20 yet, but for my Hokusai I have 3 potential CEs, but I don’t really know which one performs best on her.

I have these 3:

  • Formal Craft (MLB)
  • Another Ending (4 copies, so could be lvl 80)
  • New Beginnings (MLB)

So far I felt like all 3 of them are good, and they are currently all around lvl 40.
Since I am going for kind of an arts crit approach (I sometimes put one of my 2030s on Jeanne) I thought that Formal Craft might not be the best choice but I am not quite sure, especially since I think it scales kinda badly with so many stackable arts buffs.

Also, would it be better to put a 2030 on Jeanne for this teams performance in general?

By the way, I do have a MLB Black Grail, but I kinda don’t like the demerit and it doesn’t boost Hokusais’ NP gain, so the looping doesn’t work as well I think. But I am not really sure :thinking:

Anyway, let me know what you think, your opinions & help are greatly appreciated! :smiley:

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The 2030 for Jeanne would be good if you want an art crit team ,and in that case another ending would be better for the main DPS in this case Hokusai,but for short quest maybe new begining would work just fine for ending faster the quest


And yes this kind of things scale bad,for example is better have 50% Buster and 50% ATK up then 100% Buster or ATK, so high number of the same buff is not the most useful this,is better a lot of buff diferent that help in the same thing, again the example of 50% Buster and 50% ATK.

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I’m trying to pretend that you didn’t just disrespect the almighty Black Grail.

Hokusai isn’t a fantastic looper, period; she won’t be looping off of her refund and needs overkill face cards to loop smoothly.

What BG can do for her is enable her to hit Overkill earlier in her NP and/or attack chain, indirectly boosting her NP gain.


It just kinda sucks that my Another Ending isn’t MLB yet, so I think at the moment New Beginnings might be better overall because it’s MLB.
Then again, the flat stats distribution on it is not ATK only, so I might be wrong here.

Till you get MLB another ending use new begining if you feel like it


I’ve been playing around with an Arts crit team myself, recently. Maybe we can share some experience!

In my opinion, just one 2030, without some form of active stargen, is pretty sub-optimal. You either need two of them, or you need some other form of star generation to support the one you do have. Eight stars per turn is just not enough to crit consistently.

I also find that arts crit is tough to pull off with a standard arts team setup, as you’re always trying to get arts chains to generate NP, which often means needing to use sub-optimal cards from your non-DPS characters. There is this tension between focusing on your high-crit servant’s cards and charging your support servants’ NPs. This isn’t as big a deal when you’re dealing with Buster crit, as the burst damage is so high that you can afford a turn or two of lower damage arts chains, but with Arts crit, your damage is more gradual, so those low-damage turns tend to add-up and really extend the fight. This necessitates more survivability via defense buffs and healing, which usually means needing to focus more on your supports’ NPs (read: Tamamo’s NP), and… Well, you can see the problem. You often have to choose between sustain and damage.

What I have come to settle on is to focus mostly on NP-spam, but have crit damage as a secondary benefit for single-target boss killing. I use Nursery Rhyme as my DPS, as she has an AoE NP with a good chance of charge drain, helping to clear waves and delay boss NPs, while also having Self Modification, to enable strong crits when I draw a brave chain with her. I have her using Black Grail in a party with Tamamo (Prisma Cosmos) and Merlin. For Merlin’s CE, I either use Devilish Bohdisattva, if the fight won’t last more than 8 turns or so, as that allows a major head-start on stargen/NP gen and healing via Garden of Avalaon (which will produce as many stars as two 2030s by itself, for the first 5 turns). If it’s a longer fight, I will go for Prisma on him, as well, as then you can pretty reliably stack his NP.

I find that this setup has a pretty good combination of AoE damage (from Rhyme’s NP spam) stalling (from Rhyme and Tamamo’s charge drains, and Tamamo and Merlin’s heals) and burst ST DPS (via Rhyme’s crit buff and Merlin’s Hero Creation powered by his NP’s stargen).

Honestly, it’s probably not as generally effective as a more meta Tamamo/Waver/[ST arts NP] setup, but it works fine (and my Waver is bond 10, so I am trying to give other supports their time to shine).

As for your CE question, have tried Formal Craft and Another Ending, and I keep coming back to Black Grail. The Atk bonus and NP damage buff is just too strong, and I honestly don’t even notice the demerit. With all the healing available to arts teams, they usually remain at max HP unless they get seriously focused-down by some unlucky crits. Also, CEs with Arts effectiveness up don’t stack as well with Fox’s Wedding, so you’re better served with NP damage or straight attack buffs.


I’m sorry, I just kinda tend to think that the demerit might bite me at some point :sweat_smile:

I mean Tamamos’ heals can kinda offset that but on the other hand when I use CasGil instead of Tamamo then Hoku just has to take the damage I guess.

Doesn’t New Beginning have mixed ATK and HP stats? I know it’s not that bad, but I kinda prefer to have a pure ATK boost on CEs for my attackers.

If I understand how attack damage is calculated, then a CE with NP Damage buff would be better since you already have a lot of Arts buffs with Gilgamesh, Tamamo, and Hokusai herself.

If. You have it I think you would be better off with Holy Night Supper since it buffs both Crit damage and NP damage.


I remember that the NP of Jeanne heal


With Tamamo the demerit is a non-issue since she provides two sources of healing. It’s also whatever in any short fight.

If your party has no healing at all, you can still go with BG if anticipating a speedy resolution; otherwise I’d look to a starting NP CE like Magical Girl of Sapphire or else FC/whatever.

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I don’t have Holy Night Supper, so I guess I should really think about Black Grail, especially since I think that I am lucky to even have it MLB…

Yeah well I tend to use both 2030s on each Jeanne and the support caster. Also since Jeannes’ 1st skill is lvl 10 it generates additional 9 stars half of the turns since it has a 6 turn CD (less with Tama). Together with Hokusais passive 2 stars that makes 18 stars guaranteed each turn, and with Jeannes’ skill 27, which is pretty neat I think.


And Gil star gen skill make that even art cards produse star by hiting unlike normal art cards


Oh yeah, I forgot about Jeanne and Hokusai’s passive stargen! Yeah, that works better, then.

Man, I really need to get Jeanne…


Hmm well you have a lot of good points there…And basically everybody here seems to be tending towards BG.

I guess I should give BG a try, I guess I know which CE to use my bombs on now. And from a skaling standpoint it seems to be the best option anyway.

In terms of mats that one skill alone ate 20 of my hearts tho :fgo_jeannu:


Ouch… Yeah, and I just got out of Hearts Hell with the last lotto. Oh well, I suppose Jeanne is worth giving my heart(s) to.


She sure is! She is also getting all of my gold fous and stuff, she is the best after all :fgo_astolfo:


Anyway, I really want to thank all of you again for helping me out! Sometimes I kinda have trouble making such decisions cause I am far from being a veteran yet, so I really appreciate your time & effort to help dumb old me!
Love you all!!

I will go bomb that Black Grail now :fgo_insane:


Well, I definitely wouldn’t call myself a veteran, either. But the best way to learn is to ask questions and discuss the answers, so I’d say we’re both on the right track!

Enjoy bombing the black grail, just like Artoria!


Black Grail

Cause this is what a non- mlb BG can do for an arts team


I know others have convinced you to level your BG to 100, but just to show my support, I’d like to say that an extra 2400 attack is a godsend.

Other than that, out of the three you mentioned, I’d probably pick Formal Craft, just because it focuses only on the attack stat.