Quick star generator (assassin)


If you had to pick between these three, which one would you use as a crit star generator for your team, having another unit around to soak em up.

  • Shinjuku Assassin (np 1)
  • Cursed Arm Hassan
  • Fuuma Kotarou

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None of the above, I have Jack :^)


If only we were all that lucky.

Though, I don’t mind too much. Don’t like her as a character (especially her design), so it’s not that bad.


Shinjuku assassin’s third skill is very interesting. It allows him to crit support for even basaka servants. I’m looking forward to his interlude upgrade next year!


Waiting for interludes can be so painful sometimes.


If only I were lucky enough to get Shining Finger…


For longer quests where I think I need survivability, Cursed Arm, otherwise if I just want to churn out stars as much as possible Fuuma.


I think it depends on on what you want in their secondary role.

If you want someone who can survive well for challenge quests, use Hassan.

If you want someone who can support teams which are dependent on debuffs/ tanking damage, Fuuma would be nice.

If you want fuckery, use shinjuku assassin lol


It is better to have Kotarou as star generator as well as 2nd support.
Cursed Arm is also deserved to invest. Later on his 1st skill buff will bring a huge boost for a critical team. This is a huge advantage since you dont have to use low-performance Quick card. However, his basic attack status is bad, and poor NP effect (low hit account, almost NO oc effect), which means besides of bring star to your DPS, and be more durable (yeah very durable), he can do nothing else.
Yan Qing isnt good, if you dont have Jack, or just only want to pick a star generator, other 4 stars assassins are also better choice. Of course, both Kotarou and CUrsed Arm exceed him as a more cheaper choice.


The investment into Yang Qing skills is pretty brutal to get them to what i would deem acceptable levels (level 8+). Hassan gives you pretty much the same star generating potential for far less resource investment. To me it’s a 2 horse race between Fuuma and Hassan. Fuuma having targetable evade and an aoe np gives him utility i really value, also bear in mind most boss battles have 1-2 adds that need to be dealt with/softened up so having someone with an aoe np with significant debuffs once his interlude is available can be really valuable there too, as most highly regarded crit servants pack a st np.


Looking at them again, this is what I now feel.

For sheer generation and staying alive, Hassan seems the best. He has a crit damage skill, but ehh…
The Protection from Arrows on a low CD just seems like one of the best hard defences.

Fuuma has more generation on his 4 hit attacks it seems, and also better np charge with it, giving himself a bit more power than Hassan.
He has less durability, but the sabotage and targatable evade makes the team overall a bit more durable.
And a mook busting AoE NP.

Shinjuku Assassin…
He seems nice in that he can take the stars for himself when he needs to, or leave them all for his allies when he can. Making dealing damage with him easier (higher rarity helps), but it also means that he has 0 defense. Nothing.
Which might be his biggest problem.

Does this sound right?


RE Shinjuku assasin: A question that needs to be asked is how often do you foresee him being the primary crit damage dealer? Remember he is an assassin with a .9x damage multiplier + a Quick heavy deck. So even if he crits the damage output is not going to be anything spectacular. His self crit damage + quick up buff is like 2 years away on NA So I still feel the damage output will be underwhelming for the forseeable future. Now you mentioned he’s going to be used as a crit star generator meaning he’ll be in a squad with someone like Jalter, Saberlot and the like equipped with crit damage ce’s like Victor/Another ending/Joint Recital etc + their own crit dmg buff. Which again asks the question - How often would you really want him gathering those stars over your primary crit damage dealer?

My biggest problems with him right now.
-really low atk punctuated by assassin modifier of .9x with a quick heavy deck (mostly likely to crit on quick cards which have a .8x multiplier) and as of today no dmg boost skill. Just looked it up - lowest attack of any SR assassin. It’s nice that he can gather those stars but what’s the point when he crits like a marsmallow?
-As for leaving the stars alone on his 3rd skill, well that skill is moot depending on who he’s paired with/ce’s equipped and if you can generate 40-50 crit stars it’s really pointless.
-He’s heavy investment for very little utility. He generates stars that’s it - offers no other support skills. Fuuma is also a heavy investment but he will pay for himself over time with the flexibility to be used in farming situations. Has a very useful and unique party support skill. Hassan can do Yang Qing’s job at a fraction of the investment and at lower cost with a survival skill that makes him a viable option in tough content.

When he gets his interlude my stance will change but right now? on NA? he’ll be sitting in 2nd archive for awhile


Kotarou hits like a wet noodle and his stargen buff is tied to his survivability.
Hassan hits slightly harder (ST NP) and his survival skill is charge based like protection from arrows so even tho it is tied to his stargen buff, he doesn’t waste it by using it early.
Assassin of Shinjuku is not good. He is weak, his 3rd skill is gimmicky and can be easily ruined by game mechanics and hits like Kotarou despite having 1 extra star


Kotarou has the second best stargen after Jack, but hits like wet noodle. He is good for farming teams, since AOE NP, and debuff teams. Has targettable evade, who buffs stargen by a huge number of the beneficiary, VERY useful.

CA Hassan stargen is actually one of the best, even if not on Kotarou level. Has bad stats as a 2*, but the ST NP means he will be a little more useful for bosses. His protection from the Wind (3 evades who go away just after being hit 3 times, and never goes away) is godlike survivability tool, so he’s going to survive much longer as the stargen of a team in a harder node/boss fights, unless you are in a truly unlucky day. The evades also boost his already decent stargen for 3 turns.

Shinjuku Assassin sucks for now, when he gets a quick and crit up to replace that minor stargen buff he has he will be aceptable. For now he is just a full quick assassin, best stats as 4*, but his kit is not specialized enough to compete.


I’d level both in all honesty.
BUT if you must absolutely pick one only you need to put their skillset into context.

-Will your crit servant that you plan to pair him with have a survival skill -guts/evade/invincinility-available either through CE, party skill eg Merlins party invincibility skill or through Mystic Code skill? If yes Hassan is your choice. If no Fuuma is a better choice. I mean I use plugsuit 90% of the time, I know people that prefer Anni Blonde or the Chaldea MC 90% of the time. a 10% atk debuff on top of the evade also helps survivability don’t forget

-Do you feel like you need an anti rider farmer/are you concerned about the adds that usually accompany bosses? If yes Fuuma, if no Hassan.

in terms of NP damage Hassan will definitely hit harder than Fuuma but also bear in mind whatever Fuuma loses on NP damage he gets a significant chunk of that back in raw face card damage. I’m not bothering to consider instakill on Hassan’s NP as a worthwhile effect because well it’s unreliable to the point of being worthless. 20% def down on Fuuma’s np however is worth noting which gets added later this year.

If I run my Jalter & Merlin I’d prefer to take my Hassan everyone has a survival skill of some sort + the mystic code survival skill if you choose. If I was running something like a saberlot/Gil/lancer alter/nobu and helena/hans/waver/caster gil squad I’d prefer to take Fuuma as no-one in that setup has a survivability skill. You get Fuuma’s target able evade + mystic code survival skill if you choose. You may have to sacrifice one person if an aoe NP comes but losing 1 unit is better than 2 or 3 units


For now, I have decided to invest in Hassan. I do not have enough stuff/time to pump up both so I wanted to go with one.

In the end the 3 times evade won me over.
The biggest thing that bothers me about low rarity servants is that they often die too quickly, and Hassan doesn’t have this problem
Might go for Fuuma later.

Rip Shunjuku assassin, may you forever rest at level 1.