Quick Team+Summer roll

Wazzup I’m back(this line is so ■■■■■■■■) so here I am again in need of some help I just got Ishtar(Rider) NP5 and thought about that I don’t have any support that has a Quick NP well I have a lot of okita but other classes no so could you help me out there thanks, (P. S I don’t have my support SS because I made this in a rush to get Quick supports) and in the upcoming summer 4 or jaltzerker event as u call it there are 3 main banners one with
Ushi(Assasin), ibaraki douji summer, Jeanne(Archer)

Edmon dantes, Robin Hood, I forgot sorry(Lol)

B.B. Summer, Medb(Seiba), MHX summer

Help me out on who to roll for and no I don’t like Edmon dantes so only the one with Jeanne Archer and B. B. Summer Thx

The words “Quick” and “Dantes” are synonymous with “victory” looping, but if you don’t like the man…

…then it would be Ushiwakamaru Assassin. Quick NP and she can loop, although at a great cost (requires Kalieido AND you Plugsuit a Waver of your own)

That is if I understood what you need. As in…Quick servants in the Summer 4 banners…as in…the only two servants there :fgo_casgilworry:


You mean…the only one?

Unless you mean something like Scathach (Targetable 50% Quick UP, ST Quick NP) or Atalante (Party 50% Quick Up, AoE Quick NP), which get the job done. However, with the arrival of Skadi they are suboptimal at best.