Quick Three Houses question

I might get Three Houses for Christmas, and if I do, who should I go with: Edelgard, Dimitri or… The other one?

  • Edelgard
  • Dimitri
  • The other one

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It’s really up to the player which one they think will fit them best. Though I think Black Eagles with Edelgard is the best for understanding her and her true motivations. Playing the others afterwards basically gives everyone else’s perspectives after the fact.


Very minor spoilers, but very important to picking a route


There’s more than 3 routes

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Honestly I think Deer and Church are probably the best routes overall.

But I’m doing Edelgard’s path right now. But I just can’t get invested in her. I’m too neutral toward her. And we’ll I don’t even need to play Lions to know it will be my least fav because Dimitri is easily one if my least favorite characters in the game. I want nothing to do with him.

I feel like I’ll have to do some kinda challenge run in order to actually motivate me to play that route. I’m thinking magic emblem, like as soon as people start learning spells and convert to a class that can wield magic no more weapons for them.

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I’m torn towards Claude. I like his character/personality, but I ■■■■■■■ HAAAAAAAAAAAATE HIM IN FEH.

But Claude’s the best one. I’m not even a big Claude fan but he’s easily the best of the 3 house leaders.

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Still… After what happened in FEH, count me out.

This is the most subjective statement I’ve ever read. XD


Like I maybe see him once in a blue moon during an AA run. And like never in any other modes (except for like a Tempest Trial)

Everything you said there is fairly obvious for anyone that plays 3H… Naturally you’re going to gravitate towards the route you picked first and then be more disconnected from the others.

As far as which one is best, there is no objectively best one. They’re all great, it’s just user preference.

(this was weeks ago)

In Aether Raids, there was a Three Houses themed team. I Repositioned Robin so that she could bait and kill Claude. He kills her because of his ■■■■■■■ Lull skill, and my Odin wouldn’t kill him, even after Repositioning him, because of the same reason. It’s like, WILL YOU ■■■■■■■ DIE, DUDE!?


If you’re planning to play all routes, then I think starting with Dimitri might be the best. Some of the earlier bosses are related to characters of his house, and I think it’s better to see Edelgard’s actions from the outside first (also, some plot twists get kinda watered down if you pick her house, so leave it for later). Can’t say much for Claude, but I heard his history has the best ending, so maybe it should be the route that closes everything.

If you’re not planning to do all, just pick your favorite lord.

But… I dont have a favorite.

i’d say go with him even if you hate him in feh seeing as you do like his personality :cat:

You can go with the Church route then, I guess.

I’d say to just play the game and make your first call based on the characters you like. Then, as everybody becomes more fleshed-out, you can make a more solid call on subsequent playthroughs. Just remember that nobody is as they seem.

Join Khaleesi side or be punished with fire and blood :bylethsmile:

Play the game, talk with the characters and then make a decision. The fact that Claude is a pain in the ass in FEH shouldn’t influence your opinion on him imo

Anyway, my favorite lord is Edelgard but, knowing you, maybe you won’t like her, since you despise rude or “evil” people. All the three lords do bad things, but I think that Edelgard is the worst while Claude is the less violent. So yeah, you should try Claude’s route