R/dragalialost Weekly Highlights 5/24/2019


Trying something new here: an informal reporting on the best Reddit posts of the week! Although there’s no question the site is a hub for fan content and discussion, there can be lots to wade through on a daily basis. Hence, a highlight reel skimming some of the best posts-- I’ve separated it into six categories for easier browsing.


Future Collab Speculation

For those feeling bad about their pulls

Non-Strength Dragons

New Player Feeling Overwhelmed

Summer Showcase Speculation

What did you get in pursuit of Ieyasu?


The Peterjay Void Progression Chart


This Guy Has Already Solo Cleared High Mercury

Surprisingly timed Veronica Clear

Amber Golem Solos:

As Botan

As Veronica

Soloing Amber Golem Epithet


Embroidery by YuYanase

Zelda Collaboration Mockup

Crochet Maritimus by cobaltsiren!

Rubber Block Stamp Leviathan!!


Odetta by @cyacyacyacyaki

Custom Epithets

It’s ya boy Norwin

Dungeons and Dragalia

Tourist Ieyasu

DAOKO needs to be an Adventurer please

SCUBA Kleimann

Sexy Ieyasu

Meme Time

Botan Feels Excluded


Luca finally got buffed

Ieyasu when he finally finds off-element content he can’t solo

I mean, he IS a Shadow Adventurer….

Dragalia has the most wholesome gacha community is2g

“Creations” remains distinct from “fanart” as the catch-all category for anything that isn’t 2D drawings or paintings. This section includes graphics too.

Let me know if there’s anything missing! I have to admit I’m a little biased towards fanart, so this may even become a “fanart feature” in the future.