Rabbit's Reviews #247: Mysterious Alter Ego Lambda (4* Lancer)

Melt’s review is up. You can read it here:

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Think it still needs the “(4* Lancer)” on the page title. Similarly missing “(4* Assassin)” from title of Okita’s review page. Or is the reason they’re omitted because the names are different (or slightly in Okita’s case)?

Penguins. When you talk about summer Melt, never forget the Penguins.

But seriously. She is not that bad.
I don’t get the " Offensive Utility: -2/10 ", unless we are comparing her with some of the other strong servants that surely outclass her.

I mean, her offensive potential is very similar to Kiyohime Lancer:

Kiyohime Lancer has a 3-turns Burst buff of 30% max with a 5 turns cooldown --> Melt has a 20% art buff always active that sometimes becomes 40%

Melt has Riding C --> +6% Quick card effectiveness. So she has a bonus not only on Art cards but on Quick too.
Kiyohime lancer instead has only Madness enhancment for a +12% buster cards.

Don’t forget that the skill " Melty Envy EX" is a 1-turn skill with a 5-turns cooldown that increase ATK of 50%.

Also, ATK:

Melt max ATK 9261
Kiyohime max ATK 8936

And while Kiyohime has absolutely 0 defense, Melt has an Invincible.
And Melt’s NP gives you Crit Stars, a nice touch.

Point is, save for NP Strength ( Kiyo’s NP is buster, ST and buffed by passives actives skills), they are in my opinion similar in terms of offense.

Since Kiyohime lancer is in my opinion an excellent lancer, i really don’t see why Melt should be so bad.

Granted, my Melt lancer is still level 2. But i believe that a level 80 Melt would not be " Offensive Utility: -2/10 "

Anyway, this is my opinion, simply judging he stats/skills and comparing them to my Kiyohime level 80. Just to pick a random lancer with similar stats.

Utility refers to any skills or abilities that can help the rest of the party. This is the first time I’ve seen a negative value for a rating and I can see why because of the Melt Envy skill. There are a number of servants whose utility comes from their NP and Summer Melt interferes with this due to the team wide NP drain on Melt Envy. When Summer Melt’s skills were first released, people thought that they could use Tamamo to reduce the cooldown on Swan Lake to get the 40% Art buff for longer but that’s not possible if Tamamo can’t even use her NP in the first place if Melt is draining off Tamamo’s NP gauge.

Ok, i see your point.
Anyway, i still believe that she is a worthy lancer.
In arts party she performs well.
Her selfishness is her flavour afterall. Like her Alter Ego version with Melty Virus.