Radiant Dawn: Pick my next playthrough roster

Inspired by @Kuribabylon52 's thread. But I’m getting a bit of an itch to replay RD again soon. It’s only been like at least a year and a half to two years since my last playthrough. So why not let people choose my roster to take to endgame? :feh_legion:

First off Micaiah, Sothe, Sanaki, Ike, Kurthnaga, and Ena are all forced to be brought to endgame so they are not part of the options.

But there will be 10 available slots for who to bring to endgame and 1 additional spot that is one of the 3 herons. So now the long list of potential units to bring along with their class:

Edward (Myrmidon)
Leonardo (Archer)
Nolan (Fighter)
Laura (Priest)
Ilyana (Thunder Mage)
Aran (Soldier)
Meg (Armor Sword)
Volug (Wolf)
Jill (Dracoknight)
Tauroneo (Lance General)
Zihark (Swordmaster)
Fiona (Lance Knight [Cav])
Tormod (Fire Sage)
Maurim (Tiger)
Vika (Raven)
Nailah (Wolf Queen)
Elincia (Queen [Sword/Staff Pegasus])
Marcia (Falcon Knight)
Nealuchi (Raven)
Haar (Dragonmaster)
Brom (Axe General)
Nephenee (Halberdier)
Heather (Rogue)
Lucia (Swordmaster)
Mordecai (Tiger)
Lethe (Cat)
Geoffrey (Lance Paladin)
Kieran (Axe Paladin)
Astrid (Bow Paladin)
Makalov (Blade Paladin)
Danved (Halberdier)
Calill (Fire Sage)
Titania (Axe Paladin)
Soren (Wind Sage)
Mist (Cleric)
Rolf (Sniper)
Boyd (Warrior)
Oscar (Lance Paladin)
Shinon (Sniper)
Gatrie (Lance General)
Rhys (Bishop)
Mia (Swordmaster)
Ranulf (Cat)
Kyza (Tiger)
Lyre (Cat)
Janaff (Hawk)
Ulki (Hawk)
Sigrun (Falcon Knight)
Tanith (Falcon Knight)
Skrimir (Lion)
Naesala (Raven King)
Tibarn (Hawk King)
Pelleas (Dark Sage)
Stefan (Trueblade)
Oliver (Saint)
Bastian (Arch Sage [Wind focused])
Volke (Assassin)
Caineghis (Lion King)
Giffca (Lion)
Renning (Gold Knight [Sword Cav])

And then the choice of heron between Rafiel, Leanne, and Reyson.


  1. Jill
  2. Oscar
  3. Meg
  4. Laura
  5. Lucia
  6. Renning
  7. Aran
  8. Pelleas
  9. Volug
  10. Volke
  11. Leanne

I’d say I’m surprised to have inspired such a thread, but I guess Heroes isn’t really the type of game where PMUs work. I was just so used to seeing them on SerenesForest so I thought I might as well add some variety to my BL playthrough since I’m boring and would probably go with default proficiencies

Anyways, my vote goes to Jill. If Heroes won’t add her, she deserves to shine somewhere


Use Edward. Because of this video. I know he can’t actually do this but it’s still amazing.


Meg or Fiona, please!

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I think it’s 61
@discobot roll 1d61

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:game_die: 4

Laura :feh_morganagrom:


Wait so we only get one choice? I obviously wanna go Heather but playing with Lucia is gonna be more of a challenge
@discobot roll 1d2
1 for Heather
2 for Lucia

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I messed it up again

I used her my most recent playthrough cause she’s kinda overshadowed normally. And she ended up capping like all but 2 stats (hp and res I think). That was also the playthrough where Micaiah capped every stat. Was a good time! :+1:

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@discobot roll 1d2

:game_die: 2

Lucia it is. But since you did Lucia last run you could go Heather(if you didn’t use her as well)

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Well I guess Lucia back in the ring for round 2.

I used quite a few different units last time and it was quite a nice time. Lucia, Kieran, Makalov, Danved.

I really like Danved (I prefer him over Neph now) to the point I’m kinda hoping someone suggests him

Tough choices, my gut is leaning towards Meg cause Fiona well I’ve tried using her a couple times and I’ve yet to have it end well.

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Use Makalov. You won’t but you should

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I used him my last playthrough and it was good. I have a soft spot for him despite most people hating him.


If you used him last playthrough then I change my answer to Tanith.

My own personal playthrough picks
*Mia(Vague katti & Alondite)
*Giffca(favorite Gallia beast)
*Rolf(double bow and his atk growth is ridiculous)