Raging Bull: FGO Challenge Quest Edition (revived for 2020)

Where Part 1 of the Summer Event was a leisurely race and competition against a few Summer Servants, the Part 2 Summer Event has no chill with its actual Final Singularity Challenge Quest.

Featuring a massive Rider boss that is more challenging than your average CQ, and boy, are we ripe for some DOKO DA’ing. I’ve written up some advice in the CQ guide and if all else fails, I am sure 3 Command Seals and a First Hassan can get you through, pride be damned.

Good luck, I expect some tears and heroic efforts!


Bleh, I just finished the bull CQ with Kerry with the Arjuna CE, Mash, and support Jeanne. Kerry’s damage output was meh and the incoming damage and crits, even with Mash’s defense and class advantage, were too damn high. It’s been a long time since I had to use a CS and I had to use all three just to get this over with :catroll: Riders will forever be the bane of my existence.

I love how First Hassan gets his own little section in the quick servant suggestions


Uh… I think there might be a mistake with Ishtar’s listed Traits. According to the guide, Ishtar is “Male, Heaven or Earth, Humanoid, Greek Mythology Males, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish”

Well, one has to have at least a bit of fun with the table, no?

I think the most important part of the table is the CE - as CE names don’t really help, whereas CE images do help a ton.

But this CQ is one of the harder ones exactly for the anti-Caster reason. Plenty of people struggled during its initial release, but we have a few …

@LeiCiel WAT. lemme fix.

Damn, and here I was hoping I could actually one-shot her with Tama-shark or something. :rofl:

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The revenge of the gender-bending.


Aha. My lvl 100 First Hassan has been waiting for this.

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It took me 31 turns. 100 Beowulf w/100 Sumo CE. I took Ishtar out on turn 2 with Beowulf NP first card, other two were Buster cards. Got Bull past first break. Everything slowed down from there as Merlin, borrowed Jack n Beowulf died off. Jeanne, Mash, Carmilla with Chocolat Fondu CE held out but, couldn’t get past 2nd break. I had to use Command Spells. Beowulf Broke 2nd Break with NP. Somehow stupid bull left my Beowulf alive long enough to get another NP off and get past 3rd break. Beowulf died shortly after. Jack, Jeanne, and Mash finished the rest with Jack getting a lot of NP’s in. Bout 3 I think. Never got to final character Carmilla. Overall happy with performance compared to other Quests I’ve done. Definitely helps reading these forums and the tips. Anytime I dont need to use Crystal for a challenge I am happy.


The bull seriously hates Mash in this. She was down pretty early on, but I somehow made it while keeping those crits away.

Yep, i ended up using 2 CS just to keep Mash alive.

You too? I thought I was just unlucky this whole time. Even after multiple resets and skill uses, Gugalanna STILL kept targeting Mash. She was the first to die despite getting two Seals for healing throughout the whole fight. Third CS went to Support Jeanne midway through the 3rd and final Break Bar.

Mash survived until just near the end of the second HP Bar, but then I slogged through with Melt (who died in a few turns) and Martha. As it is, only class advantage kept me alive this long now that my only defensive buff was from Jeanne’s NP.

This CQ really hammers home how vital Caster support is and how painful it is to not have them.

Still, I’m done with this one, even if my pride stings from having to use all three Command Seals. Time to regen some AP to take on the other 5 challenges.

The other five are NOWHERE as hard, trust me on that.

I’m well aware. It’s why I decided to do this first just to get it over with. I just need to wait for my AP to fill back up so I can get them out of the way and get Ishtar up to NP5 so I can focus on the last bits of shop clearing.

Good thing the event lasts a while. I need the extra time for some last-minute Nero Fest preparations (namely QP for Surf Mo’s skill 1 and 3).

Trying to make Holmes work on this one.

I’m always soooooo close!

Pray to RNGesus for me, guys…

If you have a Jack with a max heal and a 2030, I could definitely use her…


Hard quest, I use the revive.

Mash Merlin Cú kaleido vs Ishtar

Vs the ■■■■■■■ bull I use Nobuzeker with arjuna CE, 300 k of damage per np and Merlin crits helps a lot.

But ■■■■■■■ 6 in a row crits ■■■■■■■ everything.

Hans for helping a bit and Melt for more dps.

Poor shuten
I use revive :fgo_jeannu:

Ugh…Finally…Took me multiple retries only in the end to give up and spend 2 CS to keep Merlin alive!


If only I found the Jeanne with the Prisma CE things might have gone a bit better.


Used Scathach w/ Kscope, Jack with drunk Jalter, Merlin w/ Meridian, Mash w/ 20% def CE, support Jeanne w/ Prisma Cosmos, and Carmilla w/ arjuna CE. Atlas mystic code.

Killed off Isther w/ scathach NP + some normal attacks to build charge. After that, Jack became main DPS and use 1 Merlin NP. After breaking 1st bar and tanking the bull’s first NP, scathach and merlin died, and Mash and Jeanne came in. Used Jack’s 2nd skill pretty liberally for the crit down. After that, basically spammed defense and used Jack for crit stars and burst attacks. Finished in 38 turns, and Carmilla never came out. Mash came close to dying a few times though

Who needs KH when you have an adorable murder loli? :fgo_rinlaugh:

3 command spells and team of assassins and got the job done. Pride? I already accounted for the command spells to be used.

Used team of Enkidu/Waver/Mash/Georgios/Leonidas/Hassan

Enkidu uses divine damage CE

Had to use command seals, Hassan was just a rando lvl 90 with badly levelled skills but still worked fine. Enkidu not to be underestimated either and lasted ages against the bull, especially after the revive.

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