Raid boss "healing"?

Hello. I was fighting a boss minutes ago (Mawile) and suddenly, every time it was about to die… reset to 50% hp.

Why does this happen? What can i do?

I think you meant this bug?

Reset the app and start over.

Not that, there it looks like you deal zero damage. In my case i could deal damage easily (got the boss 3 times to 0 hp before the time was out) but when the boss was supposed to die… suddenly their hp was at 50% (max yellow bar)…

Must be one of the multiple new bugs that got in the game. Had something with Mawile yesterday too, took it down, but it didn‘t shrink, it was just standing there doing nothing while the timer kept going down. Took a good 70-80 seconds until I got to catch it. And later with a Landorus, after my first Mamoswine fainted, it didn‘t return to the Pokeball, just layed there in it‘s faint animation, and I couldn‘t do anything. All my other Pokemon went down too without ever being sent out, and after a while, it actually switched in my second Mamo just to repeat the process (though I didn‘t get to attack). Didn‘t get any damage balls at all, luckily we were enough to take it down anyways.

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Regen glitch, I assume. Raid boss recovers HP out of absolutely nowhere and your time is wasted.

Restart the application, re-enter and rejoin. It always works for the second time if you do this.

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Thanks but my raid ticket has been wasted… :frowning:

I had a similar problem today, about 30 seconds on, suddenly I stopped doing damage, tried to manually switch to another mon, no joy, so came out, restarted, same happened again. Third time lucky but still, I think, a bit glitchy.

What it’s like working at Niantic:

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Same thing happened to me with the same Pokémon. It eventually didn’t heal enough health and I defeated it. I think it’s a special ability.

Same here. It happened to me twice today.

We did a Landorus raid an he never attacked us. We had to re-try because we didn’t do enough damage. Then, in a Banette raid, we were 3 people and suddenly in 2 accounts Banette didn’t do any damage. When we decided to switch out our Pokemon, we lost 80% of our team and the raid boss regenerates like 90% of their HP. Still don’t know why it happens…

How do you do so many raids a day?

You can save your free raid pass and so do 2 raids in 1 day, or you could buy premium raid passes (I think they are now Battle passes).

I have a gym in front of my house. I’m blessed since 4 days ago :smiley: