Raid Boss List

According to there are currently four tier 4 raid bosses: Alolan Marowak, Galarian Weezing, Absol and Togetic.

However, I saw an Aggron raid this morning and SGPokeMap shows Tyranitar raids. I suppose the end of the friendship event brought both back and they are listed on

Bonus question: With the nerf to RC from Tier 5 raids, do Tier 4 raids now give the best rewards (also compared to Tier 3 raids)?

I did some tier 4 raids thinking they would give nice rewards like tms and RC. it was not the case but still got 5 RC from one tier 4. However, from the last 6 tier 5 raids I have gotten at least 1 TM on each one and even as many as 3 TM( 2 fast, 1 charged) from the same raid. So maybe Niantic buffed a little the chance for TMs for Tier 5 in exchange of providing more RC on Tier 3 raids.