Raid Glitch

Has any experience any issues in raids? Am experiencing some kind of glitch in the beginning. I used a Mega Venusaur in Tapu Koko RAID HOUR. It’s has two moves. When it attacks it only charge the first move and not the second. Is this happening to anyone at all?

I did raid hour yesterday and didn’t notice anything. I did a Tapu today and used a Venusaur on purpose, both moves charged as normal.

Did the second charge move show up on the battle screen at all? ie: The button was there, but it was not charging? If that is the case, I’d try to mega-evolve it again, go into a battle screen and take screenshots (if not a full video, though I don’t know how to do that as I don’t do it) and either post on Twitter and tag Niantic Support, or submit the evidence via the normal means. (I haven’t found the normal means to actually work in a timely fashion, sad to say, so that’s why I suggest a public post on Twitter.)

If you can’t replicate the issue… are you certain you mega evolved the right Venusaur? A few months back I THOUGHT I mega evolved my main Scizor, but I had chosen the wrong one. I was annoyed that there was a glitch, but when I looked at my Scizors, I found that there was a second Scizor with a reduced cost for Mega evolving, and it had the same moveset that I had used in that raid. (So now I’ve got two Scizors I can Mega evolve essentially for Free, yay me?) Maybe you did the same?

I can send you screen recordings.

Raids are kinda screwed over with the latest update. Nearly constant mega boost showing without Megas being there, models not loading, Fast Move animations glitching (in the sense of your Pokemon barely doing the animation, yet it still counts), the Charged Moves of the Pokemon before your current one showing… they really messed up. Got a weird situation myself.

Roserade (two moved by the way) out, only one Charge Move and nametag from my Gengar beforehand.

Mega boost has always been a bit out of sync in raids. Just roll your update back and wait for the keyboard-mashing chimps at niantic to sort it out.

Confirmation it’s definitely the update.

Sounds like what this person experienced: