Raid Hour

Hi I have a question about raid hour I started playing pogo again after 3 years and I wonder is raid hour multiples times per month or is it just once…


They seem to be sticking to a once a week schedule on Wednesday evenings between 6pm and 7pm local time. The only times recently there hasn’t been a raid hour has been on days where the T5 raid boss rotates. This is because some areas would encounter the departing raid boss while other areas would encounter the incoming one, potentially giving different parts of the world an unfair advantage.

So far, it’s been every Wednesday since the beginning of June. (with the the exceptions @TheBiggestLeaf mentioned)

They have only officially announced the Raid Hours for the month of June, and nothing was ever officially said about them continuing in July. But they still happened, every week at the same time. So we’re just presuming it will continue, at least for the remainder of the summer.

They did play around with a lunchtime hour (12pm-1pm) as well, but they seem to have abandoned it in favour of a semi-regular evening one, presumably because it resulted in more spending. We might see it again though.

Personally, I hope they experiment with additional times. 6pm-7pm is a bit awkward for me.

If they will change, i think it only for later hours. In my country people usually work to 4-5 pm and something like lunch break exist only in international companies, which is minority. And i think its similarly all over Europe.

I just wish they would do raids later on, in the uk I can’t find any raids after 8pm, some of us are night owls :joy::joy: