Raid pass consumption

Consuming the raid pass only when the battle starts is an excellent and long overdue quality of life change.

My question is, does the pass get consumed if an error (or GPS drift for non-remote passes) kicks you out at the very start of the battle?

Has this gone into effect yet? I saw the announcement on a fan site but as usual Niantic has not yet bothered to send to trainers in my area.

It is really nice that you can now put the pass in for the lobby countdown, but bail before the battle starts and still retain the raid pass. Also can help determine what moves a raid boss has, then you can guess if it would be too difficult to complete with available party.

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I did a raid today and it does state the pass won’t be used until the actual battle starts so I think this change is in effect. As for when a glitch occurs, I assume it would use your raid pass if the battle starts and you get kicked out of the gym. However, I would think you could immediately join back in (like re-entering the lobby when all of your pokemon faint) since your pass is good for the entirety of the raid you entered.

Back when the Reshiram raids were going on, I had GPS drift happen in the middle of a battle. By the time I was able to rejoin, the battle was over and it didn’t allow a chance to capture Reshiram. I then had to spin to get another pass and did the raid a second time with a different group.