Hey guys, i wanted you to ask which raids should i focus on, tier 4 or tier 5? i already got 1 armored mewtwo for Ultra league (weather boosted, low attack, high defence and hp). And i dont have 1st gen comunity day starters. Should i try to get best iv starters or just farm mewtwo candies?

100% depends on your playstyle. The starters and evolutions are basically collectors items. Honestly if you don’t care about having those or A mewtwo, I’d recommend going after the litwicks that are in T1 raids.

ok thanks

Not entirely. Since they get their CD moves, Charizard and Venusaur will be quite good picks for raids. Not top tier, but still good enough to be considered if one hasn‘t got many top tier Grass or Fire types.


Roselia is quite common and roserade the #1 grass attacker, magikarp is a 1km walking buddy and krabby is also common (kingler also being the #1 water attacker), and as i said, litwick is in raids. None of the starters typings are particularly needed right now, but its ultimately up to the individual what they want to do.

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If you don’t have a CD move variant then I’d definitely try for the starter evos. Outside of raids, they all perform fairly well in PvP (GBL), at least in Great and Ultra leagues.

Charizard is a bit iffy in Great, but then it’s not a simple matter to get an eligible one from raids anyway, requiring you re-roll it via a trade and get its IVs low (5-5-5 is exactly 1500), assuming it’s level 20. Venusaur would need to be at the low end of raid IVs to make it into Great, but trading is also an option as well and easier to re-roll than Charizard.

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Dude, many spawn are hard biome depended. I didnt met single Krabby from realease of Crabbhammer.

Its similar, as i read someone has said Rhyhorns are commons. Where i live, is easier to find wild Cranidos or Larvitar than Crabby, Rhyhorn, Houndoom and some other pokes people naming common.

Its not personal offense, just saying.

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That’s why i also said…


Plenty of better commonly found water types than hydro cannon blastoise which its first form, squirtle, is hardly a common find so getting candies would be difficult unless you’re burning raid passes to get more, in which case, litwick is the better alternative since its evolution is better for its typing and it can be used against mewtwo right now.

I never mentioned anything of Blastoise though. I know that it is not good for PvE. Venusaur and Charizard on the other hand offer quite some utility, and are currently easier to come by than Roserade and Chandelure for example (which both need stones and candy to evolve)

Neither of which are needed right now or projected to be needed against either of the genies. Blastoise is the only one that’ll find utility against landorus, but even then its outclassed by insert any ice type.

Roselia is extremely common and found in extremely common weather (sinnoh stones are also easy to get) and besides that, grass is almost never used. It is very dependent on weather boost. Chandelure isnt as easy, yes, but litwick is the best thing to stockpile up on. And if you’re really desperate for fire types (which you shouldnt be right now), overheat flareon is comparable to charizard.

There’s no unlimited sunshine everywhere. I come from the land of Skitty and Geodude, took me almost half a year to get enough candy for the Flower Girl. Gonna raid those Venusaurs like a mad man.

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You don’t have cloudy weather either? Roselia is common and even more common in sunny and cloudy weather.

Funny thing, but no. Partly cloudy or straight to rain. Besides, I live in a city, when it’s cloudy it’s Machops, Koffings and Mr. fricken Mime.

I’d recommend going to parks then. Roselia is a grass, water, and forest biome pokemon. Even when I’m in my big city (Milwaukee here) the parks still spawn roselia like crazy.

Uh, the Charizard has tiger stripes and a Zorro mask. I’m stockpiling these guys.

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Then you know why i said, it depends on your playstyle. They’re definitely collectors items. :+1:

I think doing litwick raids is a terrible idea. Just to put things in perspective:

1 Litwick raid = 6 litwick candy. Getting it evolved to chandelure takes 125 candy, and thus 21 raids. Getting Chandelure to max (lets say you want this, to make the full use of it), you’ll need only 248 candy, which is another 42 raids. I don’t think I have to tell anyone that this is rather a waste of your passes, unless you’re an absolute hardcore Chandelure fan. You’re not going to do just 21 Litwick raids in the 7 days it’s available, only to get Litwick evolved, I don’t think anyone will. And just stacking up candy, yeah… kind of a waste of your passes when T4 and T5 are much more rewarding. (Not to even mention the fact that Gengar is coming to raids this sunday, which is much more easy to get and has a huge DPS. Litwick what?)

Anyway, I don’t know what level you are, but considering you have the option to win any raids any time daily:

  • Charizard is hard to get for Great League - and is also pretty fragile there. 1 Charizard should be good for Ultra League, capping it near 2500 CP. If you’re not about absolute maximizing DPS in raids (which Charizard isn’t the best option for anyway), then that 2500 CP Charizard does fine in raids too.

  • Blastoise is decent in Great and Ultra League. Why not get 2 of those?

  • Venusaur is also valuable in Great, and usable in Ultra League. May as well get 2 of those? The 2500 CP Venusaur is also good enough for raids - should you ever need a grass-type.

  • Alolan Marowak can be shiny, if you’re looking where to spend your remainder passes.

  • Personally, I find T5 raids always a very good option, rewarding charged TMs and rare candy. Also, don’t forget that catching Armored Mewtwo also gives you very valuable Mewtwo candy that can be used for the naked version too! It should be a piece of cake to catch them with silver pinaps, as the catch rate for Armored Mewtwo this week is comparable to the ex raid bosses

If you play solo then Litwick is a decent option, though

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I completely agree that trying to evolve/max a Chandelure using candies from raids alone is quite a hefty investment. That said, if someone used only their free passes on Litwick (assuming they could find one each day), that’s still 42 candies and hopefully at least 1 Litwick with good IVs.

One can then acquire additional candies from walking Litwick, dropping them in gyms and feeding them berries, doing distance trades or Litwick swaps with friends (and then transferring the bad ones), hatching them from 10k eggs, getting them as the encounter reward in GBL, wild encounters, etc. Not that these are all reliable methods, but it’s important to remember that raiding isn’t the only way one can obtain more candy.

On top of that, it’s also an easy solo for players who don’t readily have access to a raid group. So while I see your point, I don’t think that raiding Litwick is inherently a bad idea. :grin:

So is Gengar,… but I think that Timbur is also a great Pokemon to try and get a great (traded) one. And now you can commect the special starters… and once that is done you can work your way up to tier 2 or 3 and try a few of those… and try to make your teams better.

Walking litwick is the best way in my opinion to get the candy you need, and while you are walking you can hatch eggs who knows you might get lucky and get candies that way…

Doing one or two Litwick’s is a great idea doing more is a waste of your passes in my opinion.