Raiko lancer vs ibaraki lancer

With summer coming up and my lack of an st lancer other than vlad I’m thinking of spending my saved + anniversary quartz ( hopefully 200ish) on one of the summer rate up banners for a lancer.

Is either between those two superior than the other by a worthwhile margin or should I just roll for whichever lancer I want?

Edit: since they seem to be similar enough, banana it is

They are very similar, the differences in power level is minor, so you’re fine going for either. Follow your heart.

You can roll for whatever of the two, both aren’t too diferent, i would go for banana because banana is banana


There are two differences to take note of.

  1. Raikou’s Buster buff is targetable plus she buffs the part’s star gen as well, meaning she can be used as a semi-Buster crit support if needed. Ibaraki’s buffs, asides from the party-wide ATK buff, only work for her.

  2. Ibaraki comes with 2 demerits. Her 3rd skill can either increase or decrease her debuff resistance, and her NP lowers her star gen.

The demerits aren’t necessarily a deal breaker, but something to keep in mind

That said, roll for who you want.


I like Raikou more (big surprise).

But seriously, Raikou can fullfil multiple roles in a team while Ibaraki is more selfish, Raikou can be a main DPS, secondary DPS and even support.

Her Charisma is on a lower cooldown than Ibaraki’s and its star gen up effect is party wide, her crit skill is tge same as Ibaraki but with an extra turn of cooldown but her biggest boon is Cast Iron Yo Yo, a 40% targetable Buster buff that cleanses all debuffs.

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I wouldn’t have thougth that :fgo_grampsnani:

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okay, so. basically they are the same servant except ibaraki has the debuff/heal(max hp) skill. pretty much the only difference.

if you were to look at other servants on each banners, ibaraki’s offer more than raikou’s. if you roll on the shared banner, and end up getting the other 4star, ushi assassin >>>>>>> helena archer. also, the 5stars on the banner. jeanne archer is much more versatile than maid alter (it hurts to say since she’s my favorite servant).

basically let your heart be your guide when it comes to the individual servant.



Jeanne is broken, so isn’t a fair duel tbh, but Maid Alter is better in my heart

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that’s why it hurt to say, man, given i’m arguably the number 1 lover of all things salter lol


Maid Alter and LanceRaikou dragged my new butt through all of Orleans-Camelot, so they get respect from me. Honestly, if you Grail Raikou, she’s probably better than most SSR lancers, just due to her versatility.

Maid Alter… Well, she hits hard. That’s about it. The three make for a surprisingly effective team with RideRin, though.


I love this so much. :fgo_ereshlove:

Ibaraki any day.


That’s something. I always thought banana lancer was a gimped down version of raicow lancer. Glad to know she’s as good as her. I’ve been using raicow as my go to ST lancer for CQs and she’s a beasts.

Raiko is a monster when it comes to boss fights. Last guda guda CQ she made nobu look like a joke. Her second skill is one of the best skills in the game, and makes her work even as a support. Her biggest flaw is her lack of survivability skills, also she depents mostly on her single arts to generate NP, so you need to constantly aim to crit with her arts. Ibaraki looks pretty similar, but with less utility and a more balanced deck (her arts is not as good as Raiko’s, but her quicks seems better), so I think you cant go wrong with any of them, so I would go for the one with the most desirable SSR banner… or the one higher in your waifu tier xD

This has been one of my repeated questions as well, since I haven’t been able to find a consensus in opinion on the two:

@Sizzle said Raikou is clearly a lot better.
Appmedia has Raikou positioned a tier above Ibaraki as well.

Honako says they’re similar to the point of being twins.
Rabbit’s Reviews calls Ibaraki a Raikou clone as well.

Personally I prefer Banana’s design and consider her overall banner so much better due to Jarcher, I think her banner is the one to shoot for.

Merlin: you are calling that a good skill you f#@$ &$@$h!!! I’m going to show you what good skills are!!!

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This is an example of roll for design, not gameplay, since they fill a very similar role (as others have already said).

It’s like the current debate of Parvati over Valkyrie or (probably, though slightly lesser since I think OG Saber is widely viewed as better) the soon to be debate over Mordred vs OG Saber, though there are other examples as well.

They have very similar stats and kits, right down to the same NP effects, but their goal is slightly different. Ibaraki trades a very small amount of damage (their NP damage is almost identical, but Raikou will average about 3k more) and some team support for more staying power with the Max HP and debuff cleanse, and then Raikou has some Buster support while Ibaraki has team NP gain support.

So roll for design or the other servants on the banner, yeah.

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Actually, Ibaraki’s only team support is her ATK buff. The NP Strength and NP Gain are solely for herself.

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That’s me being unable to read; you’re right.

And yet there you were talking about reading the Mafia Night story of all things? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl:

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