Raikou and Master League?

Hello hello,

I have started designing my Master League underdog team, and I would like to include at least a legendary in it.

As a solo player, I have never had the chance to take part in big raids, so all the legendaries I have in hand have been, rigorously, caught through weekly field researches.

I am considering pouring my little stash of dust and rare candies (158 in total) on my lucky Raikou [14, 14, 14][Thunder Shock, Wild Charge], whom I have already leveled up to level 36, to further level the kitten up and teach it a second charge move (crossing the fingers for it being Shadow Ball at the first trial).

Its report card in Gampress, its position in the Master League rankings in PvPoke, and its vulnerability to ground types—which I expect to see around a lot to counter Dialga—are giving me second thoughts though.

My scheme, for now, would be to team it with Dragonite[15, 12, 15][Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Draco Meteor] and Machamp[15, 14, 15][Counter, Dynamic Punch, Rock Slide].

What are your thoughts on such an investment?


I’m proceeding cautiously since the move will leave me relatively short in dust and rare candies.


ps. I am rank 7 in the current season.

pps. as an alternative, the only 2 other legendaries I would be fond of investing in are an Articuno[15, 15, 15] level 17 and a Lugia [15, 15, 11] level 27.

TM dynamic punch to cross chop for better efficiency. :slight_smile:


Raikou seems like a winner in most matchups, barring Ground-types (still haven’t seen many in rank 7) and it might struggle against the dragons…still think its worth it for all those 'tinas and Mewtwo I’m seeing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lugia seems like a solid bet as well. Not sure it needs a 2nd move though…Hydro Pump is clunky and Lugia gets walled hard by Steel and Rock anyway…

You have a lucky Raikou as a solo player? Thats… cool, teach me

Raikou has one weakness; Ground. Now, ground is a type thats used frequently, but I don’t think that makes Raikou useless. It caps out at 3452 CP, so don’t expect many - if any - clean wins. About it’s moveset:

Fast moveset MUST be electric: Raikou can learn Thundershock and Volt Switch. For comparison per turn: Thundershock does 1.5 damage and adds a whopping 4.5 energy, making it equal to Mud shot and ideal for charging moves. Volt Switch on the other hand, does 2.75 damage and adds 4 energy. I’d say Thundershock is slightly better in ML though, because Shadow Ball is a move you want to pull out as fast as you can.

The charged moves:

  • Wild Charge (50 energy, 90 damage: 1.80 DPE)
  • Thunderbolt (55 energy, 90 damage: 1.64 DPE)
  • Thunder (60 energy, 100 damage: 1.67 DPE)
  • Shadow Ball (55 energy, 100 damage: 1.82 DPE)
  • Return sucks, don’t use this

From these stats, you can see that the moves of preference are obviously Wild Charge and Shadow Ball. The fast move Volt Switch is objectively better than Thundershock, but in practice, you’ll probably want to pull out Shadow Ball as fast as possible against anything that resists Volt Switch (Giratina, Dialga, Garchomp, Groudon, Mamoswine). Wild Charge hits hard enough to make up for the damage you miss out on by using Thundershock. It does make you lose some neutral matchups, such as against Mewtwo.

Lugia, Kyogre, Togekiss, Mew, Gyarados and Latios are some common picks that Raikou can take on well. It can put up a very good fight against Dialga and both Giratina’s. Raikou can do well against other picks with shields as well.

As for the rest of your team… Dragonite seems like a solid pick, gets completely walled by Steels and Fairies though. Dynamic Punch on Machamp is decent at 1.80 DPE, but Cross Chop - although 1.43 DPE - comes out faster. You’ll need that definitely much more when shields are in play.

Raikou is an okay addition to your team. Machamp and Dragonite are very prone to Togekiss, and Raikou eats Togekiss


In my limited experience with my lucky Raikou (yes, me too) I’ve been able to get Shadow Ball out faster than the opposing Giratina. I don’t have two charge moves on this Raikou, I TMed it specifically to play it in ML and it did admirably. That being said, there were no mud bois around…that time.

Thank you @Banana74x and @MartijnLW I will follow your advice and TM Dynamic Punch to Cross Chop, hoping my Machamp will not need too many lessons to learn it.

@MartijnLW I fear there are too many non-replicable lucky combinations of factors in my lucky Raikou: I got lucky friend with my girlfriend—which is in itself a lucky event since she plays rarely, as every extreme casual player worthy of respect (and this is why I deem myself a solo player)—and we ended up swapping our Raikous—which was the only legendary she got from one of the few weekly field researches she has completed so far.

@captpepperjack @MartijnLW @orioncrystalice thank you for the advice: I will invest in Raikou and teach it its second move—so I can fake as I have just Wild Charge and then cast Shadow Ball when my opponent thinks Wild Charge would not be worth a second shield :upside_down_face:

I will let you know if things pays off or not!