Raikou [Lancer] or ereshkigal

I need a strong lancer, should i summon mama raikou or ereshkigal ?

personal bias says eresh, but I guess first off: do you want a st or aoe lancer more?

(note too though that raikoulancer should hopefully be easier to summon as well, due to 4-star rarity vs eresh’s 5-star)

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It naturally depends on what you want to use them for. What is the Lancer type you require?

Rather than waiting for your answer, I’ll list what I deem for them to be their main strengths and weaknesses. Sort of like a cliffnotes version of our writeups.

I want to add to this that I got utterly spooked by Raikou (Lancer) 5 times and begrudgingly grailed her to 90 because of her gameplay value.

I also have Ereshkigal, went full wallet on her, grailed her to 100 and 2k/2k fou’d her, and even got an NP2 during the GSSR (urgh, wanted new Servant).

So, let’s start with an overall value in regards to our current tier list.

Raikou is a tier 1 Servant. No question in my mind right now. She is broken, powercreeps Kiyohime (Lancer) so badly, and is loaded with passives and can fulfill multiple purposes.


  • High NP damage due to Lancer 1.05x modifiers, and 2 steroids for 3 turns (40% and 20%).
  • Unusually high Support potential due to targetable Buster buff (for some reason) that also cleanses debuffs. Also Charisma with stargen.
  • Great crit potential by virtue of her crit steroid. Makes own stars even with her Overcharge.
  • Insane NP Gain especially if that Arts crits. Why DW, why?
  • Oh, and her NP pierces defense as a bonus.


  • No survival
  • No NP charging

Ereshkigal is more contentious, hovering around tier 2-4. Yet, she is an SSR (higher bases), and has a bunch of aspects highly prized for farming.


  • 50% NP Charge for farming
  • High amount of steroid potential
  • Even more Insane Arts card
  • Powerful Support via third skill, stackable Charisma on NP with amazing team survival
  • Incredibly durable, some of the highest base HP in the game, on-demand Invincibility, max HP buff/defense on her support skill. She just won’t die.
  • Weird utility in the form of Instant Death Resist and buff removal resist.


  • But very low base Attack
  • Steroid baked into NP Charge
  • Lack of Offense is problematic as we have supports to compensate for that
  • Honestly, her NP Gain on her Quick cards (she has a QQABB deck) is extremely disappointing
  • Thus she is very draw reliant especially for placing that Arts card

Thus, we have an AoE hybrid that focuses more on the defense side but can farm quite well thanks to 1-turn steroids, vs a hyper-offense ST Servant who can moonlight as a Buster support too. I think Raikou is the higher “value” pick for normal gameplay and CQ, but Ereshkigal is much more of a personal preference and the better farming Servant.


Most important skills to me are self NP charge and invincible.

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Thanks, I think i’ll get raikou because i lack a single target servant