Rainbow Appling during Lotto Events

Currently having a debate with people in my FGO discord about rainbow appling during lotto events.
Admitably, most of us spend a little bit too much in the game, but I seem to be the only one in the lot who thinks using rainbow apples during a lotto event is understandable.
Given I have F- luck, pulling SSRs at a rate of 0.37% since I decide to start keeping track, so I might be a little biased, but I feel like clearing an additional 3 boxes is much better than just getting another useless 3* CE.

Anyone share my thoughts or am I just insane? Haha.


I agree with you. if you spend on the game anyway, using quartz to refresh during lottos is some of the best bang for your buck there is. 30 quartz down the drain in just a few seconds for probably nothing, or 106 more runs of the most efficient content in the game? seems like an easy comparison to me


I understand why people use “rainbow apples/fruit” during lotteries, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have lots of room in your quartz and/or financial budget and lots of time to spare.


Personally I’m not one to use SQ on anything that isn’t the gacha pool, but if your luck is just absolutely crap and you don’t get anything good out of it anyway…

You might as well get some more guaranteed materials out of them for the Servants you do get



I also farm uncontrollably even when I don’t roll often (and when I do roll it is usually disappointment), but I got hundreds of gapples that I have not been able to bring below 300. But you got to ask yourself though: do you really need all those mats and qp and xp if you don’t get SSRs :fgo_insane:


I rainbow apple.

I need the QP and mats, same as you. One pack won’t bankrupt me.


My country’s currency is worth around 1/5th of a dollar so 30 quartz is over 150, the monthly minimum wage is a bit over 950 however i don’t have a job so my budget for the game, GSSR only, is already stretched.

No it is not worth it for me at all.


Yes. :fgo_disgusting:


Apples are usually plentiful enough that I can’t get through them all during lotteries, but even if I did, as a GSSR only spender, I don’t especially need the material from apples plus rapples during lotteries.


It is understandable but I have had too many situations were I got my desired SSR on my very last roll for me to want to use my SQ like that ever again.


“Plentiful enough”

I spent the 1600+ Bronze ones I got from the Christmas lotto by like the middle of January, there are never enough :fgo_insane:


I still have 600 or so lottery bappels and am back to triple digits on gappels which I had fully drained at Christmas.


I only use quartz for the gacha. I will pay as much as it takes to roll my targeted servants, but I’d prefer to keep the out-of-pocket cost as low as possible. Also, I usually burn 100+ gold apples on lottos, and using them all up is how I set a goal for myself. It’s all that makes the grind bearable, and I don’t think I could handle Unlimited Grind Works.


We get around 350 Gapples this year alone, we should have gotten around 120 since January, we’ll probably get about 100 between now and the next lotto.
By then you should be able to tell whether or not you need to use Rapples.
I’d never in a million years spend money to farm personally (hell, I only spend on the GSSR), but you do you, it’s your money after all.


I am sitting at 400 Gapples personally.
But assuming you have no apples.
Spending Rapples seems like a good investment to me is all.
September 2022 is what I am waiting for though.
I made this chart a while back and it shows what lotteries drop what so people can plan accordingly.


That Fluid lotto. :feh_arvisboneappetite:


I’ll use some SQ on lottery, especially if I’m not rolling the event banners. Usually I don’t end up buying a pack just for lottery; I use whatever I have sitting around (which means I buy a pack the next time I roll, so same difference, really).

I get a lot of gameplay value out of the easy access to materials come lotto time, so I don’t mind using SQ to stock up for my Servants throughout the year.

And no, there are never, ever enough apples.


3 lotto next year!? but man that 3 fluid 2 dust lotto is evil…

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The event also gives Christmas Karna. Big Stonks. :fgo_jeannecheer:


I’d say it depends on the current state of your roster. In the case of someone who spends a bit, chances are you will obtain new servants much faster than you will be able to raise them. And that can go on for a while.
That is a case where you would want to use more apples on a lottery than the highest amount of golden ones you could possibly save in your early times. However, to even be able to use above 100+ apples on the best node, time is going to be a huge factor. During Gilfest, I farmed the final node with a all in all reliable composition that averaged 5-7 turns but it did require turn-by-turn play at the beginning. Making a single run around 10 minutes or more. It took me an entire four-days week-end doing nothing else to farm 200 boxes like that. I think I rappled for the last 20 boxes, to reach 200 really…
Xmas on the other hand, I had access to DSS looping and FGA and I did throw some SQs to go as high as 400 boxes wih many of the farming going on while I was working or sleeping. I normally absolutely refuse to rapple for anything, ever. But in this specific case, I had prepared a list of servants for whom I had the ascension mats available, favouring the highest head-count.
It is worth noting that it does not really represent a massive chunk of the overall SQs I’ve spent. But I can’t really overlook the fact that I raised something like 80 servants from low to max level during that event. I’d say it was probably a one-time thing too; I don’t have 80 more servants to raise during next Gilfest. And that’s even less likely to happen during the following Xmas lottery.

It’s also a great source for MPs and FPs, allowing for an easy earlier purchase of the special CEs, and a few millions FPs will bring you another fat chunk of various classes EXP, as well as a considerable amount of fous.

My advice would be to consider it IF you have the capacity to farm the lottery easily and IF you are pulling your hair wondering how you’re going to level all of those characters you like in less than fifteen years. And that would make the ideal candidates something like 1-year old dolphins.
Start by spending all your golden apples and see if you want more of what you got for them. Also check your mats requirements, if you don’t have those, it’s no use farming hundreds of boxes as you won’t be able to use the resources to their full extent.
(Also, high recommendation on having at least 140AP a bar)