Rainbow Appling during Lotto Events

time to spare.

I think FGA is calling your name.

@Mysty Then you clearly don’t get enough new Servants in a year.

I got several new SSR’s this year already and I have to spend more and more time just getting them to lvl 90 and 5/5/5. Okitan is my latest and I did that just a few hours ago.


Solidly GSSR only, and just checked: at 153 different servants in >3 years.

I have gotten 5 new servants since cbc, 3 of which are SSRs. But due to diligence in previous apple only lotteries, most skills are up to 8-10 already and not even in qp hell yet


178 in the same time frame. My main focus right now is to get all my Servants to max ascension level and their skills to 5/5/5 at least initially.

I’m focusing more on the former than the latter. I really want to get that done so I can focus more on skill leveling. I’m decently over halfway to my goal. with around 110 Servants or so that are indeed max ascended and 4/4/4 at the very least.

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I’ve perpetually had everyone at max ascension since the DaVinci lottery. And the only servants still stuck at 4/4/4 are silver or lower rarity that I never use anyway. Most everyone is 6/6/6 or higher, with the ability to instantly use >100 lores if I had them.


Thanks for the recommendation, but I think I’ll pass on FGA, if only because using it would feel like cheating a bit. (I’m not saying that people who use it are cheating—just that I feel that way myself.)


I eventually plan on getting a tablet myself so i dont have to stop using it even while im working.

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Fgo on its own tablet is nice. Just make sure you get one with more than 2gb of ram, otherwise fga and fgo at the same time will have a little trouble.

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Well the tablet is so i can continue using google maps. My phone will be playing fgo and fga.

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That works too. I prefer the bigger screen for playing, and being separate from the phone means that I can look up guides or chat on GP concurrently

Its not like i can chat on gp while im working. Im outside spraying lawns.

Phone ? Tablet ?


Alt-tabs back to FGO on second screen


I just play on a separate phone XD

Only alt phone I could use is too old to host fga, so no go for me. I am too addicted to letting fga handle dead weeks and apple weeks

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Nah, bruh, I ain’t about that. Spending money for 2d waifus is bad enough, I am not going to spend for some mats and embers. Rofl.

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Let’s be honnest. There is only two awnser :

One - You don’t really care about min-maxing your servants so it doesn’t matter how much stuff you farm, you’ll get by with what you have and/or what you can farm with your current apples.

Two - You find it worth spending money in order to get more ressources to max out your units.

That’s all there is to it, there is no bad awnser only how you see the game changes it.

I do spend rainbows, Lotto are literally the best time of the year to farm for ressources and it generally happens once.


I would never rainbow apple, as other than the GSSR I’m completely F2P. I don’t see the point in using summoning currency that is very limited and can only be obtained further with real world money for mats that can always be farmed later

That being said, I don’t really level skills unless I absolutely need them or really like the character so it’s not like I’m fiending for mats anyway


I can see this being a good point for smaller rosters, but I do think the removal of secret gems as an obstacle deserves a mention since farming any gold gems but Caster is absurdly inefficient. Not to mention that F2P people who don’t go crazy on lotteries tend to be starved for MPs.

Not suggesting that everyone has to buy SQ to maximize lottery events, but the QoL boost might be worth sacrificing a handful of rolls in the event of an apple shortage.


Well I think it’s also that being F2P means having less units to support than a paid player so the supply is lower as well

I’ve never actually farmed gems after I did one or two runs and decided that it wasn’t worth my time with how many I needed though. I don’t even have the drive to grind through all my apples anyway, so I can never see a situation where I would use SQ for AP personally

Although of course if you’re leveling skills and pulling more servants I can see the issue


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