Raise Archer of Inferno for upcoming Christmas 3?

In my attempt to get Gilgamesh & Amakusa Shirou, I ended up NP5 Robinhood, NP1 Billy the Kid (should have NP2 but burnt him once when I was a noob) and finally, Archer of Inferno. (You can imagine the amount of salt with those back-to-back archers and no Gil!)

Anyway, I heard there is 400K HP SAlter in upcoming Christmas 3. According to Gamepress page, Archer of Inferno seems to be great ST damage dealer. Should I pour 101 embers I currently have (and farm more) to her? I think I already had all the ascension material for her.

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Considering the welfare of that event is a ST archer too and has a bonus drop maybe it’s better to invest in her if you have a limited number of exp cards, but i have no idea how she performs compared to Archer of Inferno.

There is one team comp that jakeyb has in his Christmas lotto team comps excel sheet that has Archer of Inferno, if you want to take a look. If you have the servants to pull it off, then it’s not a bad idea to raise her.

If anything, you can raise her with the EXP cards you get from this Christmas lotto.

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Thanks for the reference. Bookmarked the excel sheet.

I have 2 Kscopes (so I won’t have to skill up Arash, don’t have enough material) and my own Merlin so the comp will work for me.

Just be wary of party cost. :sweat_smile: Do you have your own MLB Imaginary element? You should be able to skill Arash’s battery up to 6 within the first few days of Xmas. If dropping the Kscope frees up enough party cost to let you add in another drop CE, you should definitely do that.

My Archuria NP5 is waiting for this :bomb:


I have only 4 Imaginary Element and my 2nd KScope from rolling for Gil. Totally forgot about party cost though. My current level gives me max cost of 108 and I think Mash could work. I have to use Mash in the Christmas rerun for +7 stocking.

Hmm, might be tough with only 108.

Are you doing NP loops?

I know it’s tough. With max CEs costing 12 * 5 = 60, I am left with 48 for servants. Merlin already eats up 16, Inferno takes 12 and Arash 3 so there’s 17 left for Mash, Angry Mango and Herc (for bond).

I heard the max cost is 112 which is only 4 more from my level. I doubt it is really much more helpful.

I don’t think it’s necessary to loop, usually damage it’s 350k with self buffs.

Good lord, 350K damage with only self buffs! You might be able to double that with double Tamamo.

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