Raising operators for CC#1

I’m planning on raising Angelina, whom I just bought with gold certs, to E2 for this Contingency Contract. However, I just pulled SA from a top operator recruit; which should I focus on first as far as immediate return goes? I don’t have enough LMD or EXP to raise them both, and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to grind all of their skill materials for a while. Thoughts?

Here’s my operator planning page, if it’s relevant. It doesn’t have everybody I want to work on, but the ones I see myself going for soon at least.

Angelina and Silver Ash are both very good and worthy of E2’ing ASAP. If I had to choose between the two I would probably go for Silver Ash first unless you’ve already made some progress towards Angie? True Silver Slash is probably useful in more scenarios than Angie’s S3.

That said, a lot of people are putting SA and Angie as their friend support units for this event. You could check which of the two is more available among your friends and raise the other.

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I’d say Jim has it right here. SA’s S3 pretty much annihilates everything even before you put Mastery levels into it, so out of the two you’ll get better mileage out of him. That said, if like half of your friends list has him as a support unit and you’re not seeing many Angies, leveling her will probably be the better bet in the short term.

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yeah that was my initial impulse as well. the only thing stopping me right now is the CC permanent map reduced operator contracts, since I won’t be able to take Angie as a support unit and she feels more required for that map. the SAs on my friend units are also more developed than the Angies, so as far as performance in the immediate term for CC I think raising Angie is probably better.

They’re both one of a kind in their class. Angelina really shines in current and probably future CC, while SilverAsh have one of the greatest return investment for E2. If you’re fine enough with S2 Angie, go with SA since he will need to use S3 as much as possible. If you want SilverAsh range but with Arts damage and slow effect instead, go for Angie E2/S3, but you better find a good DPS first to make up for her downtime.