Raising yet another lancer

Hi all, I have the habit/compulsion of giving class based embers only to servants of that specific class, and I am looking for ideas on which lancer I should invest next.

I have already max leveled the following lancers:
Scathach NP1
Parvati NP2
Altria Lalter NP 4
Jeanne Alter Santa Lily NP5
Proto Cu NP5
Jaguar Warrior NP5

Then I have still the following lancers, sitting at lv 1 or anyway at very low levels:
Fionn NP3 (would be NP5 already if I hadn’t needed a couple rare prisms…)
Elisabeth NP2
Nezha, Medusa, Li Shuwen, Vlad Extra, Kiyohime all NP1
… plus all the lower rarity NP5

Should I raise Eli/Fionn (which one?) because of NP level? Would any of the other golds be a better investment? Or maybe I should look into a budget AoE option to back up the servants I already have, such as Hector or Romulus? I still field Jag now and then because she hits hard and doesn’t cost much but she’s not a farming servant…

I don’t feel I really lack anything that these servants could provide, but it’s fun to try different combinations… Any thoughts would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

PS: I am not posting my whole roster here but assume I can access virtually any support… I have my own Waver, Merlin and Tamamo and a lot of other options in my Friend list…

I think that Eli and Fionn are the Best options, they are in high NP levels.
Eli have a good charisma for female allies and a Def down to one enemy
Fionn he can be pretty good, now on NA he is a desent Aoe Lancer that can give 30% NP gain and 50% star gen to his allies, he can use his second skill to save the team against a ST NP or save the others one turn that no one is going to survive

:fgo_rinlaugh: his face looks better on the other side of a fire

Jokes aside, he’s supposed to be getting an upgrade that turns him into a looper (this anniversary I think…) but Parvati probably has looping covered already.

Liz can be situationally useful with the female attack up, but I haven’t used her too much since janta and Parvati came out despite liz being np3.

Vlad’s anti evil bonus and invincibility pierce on np is nice, plus his taunt can act like a battery in a pinch (it’s how I 2-turned the atalante Apocrypha raids (no native waver for 0-100 charge on T1)

Medusa is precious, need I say more?

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Is in new year just like Tamamo and tamam cat

Only if he gets his oun Skadi

I’m voting for Vlad Extra personally for that anti-Evil niche which he’s still good at with NP1.

Elizabeth would mainly be if you want a female support since you have Lancer Alter at NP4 already.
Fionn is still waiting on his last strengthening to become good.
The other 4 star NP1s are waiting on a buff to greatly improve them (Medusa) and/or you already have a better servant for that role due to higher NP levels or having Scathach (should still level the others eventually for variation, just talking in terms of priority).

As for other 3 stars, interesting you didn’t mention FSN Cu since he’s pretty good. Leonidas also has an interesting role as a taunter if you want to try that out. Otherwise I’d agree that bringing up a 3 star AoE is a good option, either Hektor or Romulus. I guess the main difference is if you prefer team attack buff or enemy defense debuff on an NP. Other than that, Hektor has an upgraded NP and it ignores defense and he has some debuff options if you level his second skill enough while Romulus has more survival and eventually an NP charge.


Thanks for all replies!

I was actually intrigued by Vlad too, he’s got a good placement in the Tier list but I rarely hear talking about him…

You make a fair point about the low rarity servants. With hindsight, I would have raised original Cu rather than proto Cu but now I am not sure trading crit buff and beast niche for disengage and guts would make it worth raising him, taking into account the rest of my roster. As for Leonidas, as a disposable taunting unit he works already at lv1 with his first skill, while if I want a longer lasting taunt I have Georgios and Ortinax Mash; I also have several one-turn options such as Passionlip, Summer Scathach, Sanzang and Kerry. True, none of these provides Buster support… Maybe I’ll run some simulations to see what impact would it make for my damage dealers…

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As someone who’s had Vlad as the first SR Lancer and has stuck with him since I can tell you that he’s definitely a solid ST Buster Lancer. His playstyle is very straightforward and reliable, with my personal preference being to treat Protection of the Faith and Tactics as a Mana burst for his NP followed by using him as aggressively as possible in the subsequent turns in which his buffs are still active.He’s also versatile enough to act as an offtank if need be and he’s especially powerful in Shinjuku where most of the enemies are of the Evil alignment.

He also has a phenomenal NP gain per hit at 1.1% and 3/2/3/4 hits on his Q/A/B/Chain cards, so he can fill up his NP quite easily if you manage to pull off a AQQ combo with him. Even without a 2030 CE, something like Wolves of Mibu synergizes very well with Innocent Monster, allowing him to generate a generous amount of stars per turn whilst boosting his somewhat lackluster damage.

Downside is, his ascension and skill upgrade materials tend to be pretty steep with up to 108 Fool’s Chains and 108 Proof of Hero medals needed to upgrade all his skills. If you can afford him, I’d treat him as a pretty powerful gap filler if you’re uncertain what to bring in your roster, with the bonus of massive spike damage against evil archers/berserkers with evasion or invulnerability.


What, Babylonia wasn’t convincing enough to give him levels? If you can keep him alive, he can tank and tank and tank with his np continually applying taunt and defense… And if I need multi turn tanking but can’t afford George’s star hogging ways and d’eon isn’t a good fit due to class or cost, I field Leonidas with kscope. First turn with skill taunt usually guarantees full gauge, then pop np turn 2.

But don’t let this stop you from leveling vlad now.

My trip to Babylonia was a long time ago, but I am sure I relied almost exclusively on Georgios and Mash for my taunting needs; criticals were not a big part of my strategy back then, so Rider star weight did not bother me. In any case, I have no doubt that Leonidas is a great unit on its own, I just have the feeling that his usefulness gets considerably lower as one’s roster gets bigger… but hey, the good thing of being a 2* is that is going to be easy to raise him and take him for a spin and then be back farming for Vlad if I don’t like what I see…

The anime did a great job jogging my memory. I don’t use tanks very often, but when I do it’s nice to have options. And a multi turn tank with buster support is sometimes just what you need.