Rally Trap: Do units only move forward if that's the only position to rally from?

Essentially, if I give a unit Rally and put them right next to the unit I want to rally, they’re never going to move forward to rally they will just sit in their current position to rally, right? In order for them to move in any other direction would need to teleport to the unit, right?

From what I understand:

They’ll rally in a position that places them furthest from enemy range, but they do prioritize defense tiles. Mask’s map takes advantage of the latter.

@argenmendon you know more about this stuff than I do


Damn it. Regardless whatever I’m doing isn’t work. Need some Ground Orders fodder and I don’t got it.

  1. Defense tile: Y > N
  2. Enemy threat: lowest #
  3. Requires teleportation: Y > N
  4. Special terrain: Flier Terrain > Forest > Trench >= Regular (Trench > Regular only if cavalry)
  5. Movement required: lowest #
  6. Tile priority value: highest # (tile priority means as high up as possible, and then as far right as possible.)

what this essentially means is, the rally user will try to place them self as safe as possible, so for non-cavs you need a teleport effect. defense tiles, and flier terrain for fliers also works


I unfortunately have none of what’s required or even calculated…

Hope a GO unit comes up soon 'cause that’s an annoying hole left in my defense until then.

Do Savior skills affect this? Also, what about unit slot order on ARD?
Here @xchan asked me to try and get Seiros to move so Gustav (weapon equipped) could move and I couldn’t get it to work :confused:

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I wouldn’t imagine Savior skills affect this as there’s nothing to affect. Two different mechanics that don’t overlap.

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Well, “enemy threat: lowest #” would be affected by Savior skills if they are taken into account in the AI (i.e. does the rallier move to a “safer” position if it’s outside of Savior range?).

it don’t
I have meant to take a deeper look into that thread but sadly i have been busy lately

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I’m really going to assume here that IS didn’t put that much detail into the Savior skills. I would think Reddit would be all over it if it severely changed up the AI and as far as I know of it hasn’t.


enemy threat in this sense is how far a enemy can move and attack(the enemies player phase, the units enemy phase). and savior skills only work during enemy phase so it has no effect.