So i have a 15ATT / 6 DEF / 11HP Rampardos and i know hes a glass cannon so 15 ATT is the main stat to look for here, however is this Rampardos worthy of powering up and using? Have very little Cranidos spawns and yet to find a high IV one?

It’s not worth it, imo. Even with few spawns of Cranidos near you there’s a good chance you’ll find or trade one that’s actually good. I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later. Besides, rock types are not a must have for raids rn

As you mentioned, Rampardos is far from bulky which makes IVs more impactful for it in defensive stats, so it’s probably better to wait until you find one with higher IVs and possibly trade the one you already have with a lucky friend


We have no frame of reference for what level your Rampardos is.

If it’s L30+ I’d use it as is. For as rare as Cranidos are it isn’t worth sinking candy into a sub-par one.
If it’s below L30 I personally would have saved it as a Cranidos to swap with a lucky friend. Consider the route of swapping it with a lucky friend, but you’re still out the 50 candy used to evolve it in the first place.

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I think the thing to look at first is CP/level. If it’s a lvl 30+, then there is little need to power it up vs something with 100% IV that’s lvl 15. Especially when resources are thin (i.e. candy availability) going with the higher CP/lvl is the better option. Or play the waiting game and hope for a better one!

The first question I would ask myself is can and will I use this pokemon in the near future, and would it be more helpfull if it was powered up. If one of those questions is no, then I wouldn’t power a pokémon… If i intend to use the pokemon I power it up…

This also is because we need to raid mostly in small groups so it is very helpfull to have powered up pokémons, even if they are not great IV’s…

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The simple answer to your question is no. With those IV’s, I don’t think that this Cranidos is worth investing in because Cranidos candy is very rare. Your best bet in getting a Cranidos worthy of investing candy into is a lucky trade or one that you got from the quests during adventure week. Outside of that, you’d have to hatch or miraculously catch a high IV Cranidos.

With that said, I was able to catch an 84% IV level 29 Cranidos that had a 15/12/11 split through a shout-out on my local discord. I had it as my buddy for a while that I evolved & took to level 35. I used that Rampardos at an ex-gym that had a Charizard raid with 2 level 30 players. They used pokemon such as Rhydon, Vaporeon, Palkia and Aggron. Despite their sub-optimal counters, we were able to win with 22 seconds left. I had a bunch of SD/SE Tyranitars that helped, but my mediocre IV, non max level Rampardos helped me do a lot of damage and get a nice head start in the raid and seal the deal.

I understand how rare Cranidos candy is & I know how great Rampardos is as a rock attacker regardless of IV’s. However, there is not an immediate need for a rock attacker. Just make the Cranidos your buddy, and don’t worry about evolving/powering it up until there is a boss that’s weak to rock. I guarantee that you will regret powering this one up if you somehow get a better Cranidos, especially when you don’t need it.

Do you need Rampardos now? It is not useful for Groudon, Raikou or (expected to be next) Mewtwo, so wait until the Gen V legendaries are released (unless you are short on Entei counters).

inb4 Lugia and Ho-Oh return yet again

just thought id provide an update.

used him in a lucky trade, turned out 96% 15 ATT and 15HP absolute beast. Powered up for Entei day, NO REGRETS.


Smart man, one of the highest DPS in the game, could be used a generalist glass cannon if need be. Smart move on your part!