Random Miscellaneous Questions regarding units I have pulled recently

  1. Should I merge all the copies of L!Lyn that I have, or is Spd Tactic fodder worth keeping around? I’ve been using L!Lyn quite a bit recently, and she’s a unit I’ve wanted to build up for awhile.

  2. What units work well with Sudden Panic? I have a merged Silvia I use quite a bit, an HS!Micaiah I want to use for AR Offense, and a B!Fjorm, but nothing else comes to mind. I have some copies of Gerik I want to fodder.

  3. Should I merge my extra copy of Exalted Chrom into my +ATK -RES one, or should I fodder his Chill Def?

  4. Does Karla work better with +ATK or +SPD, or should I fodder her for Wrath/Even Spd Wave? Up until now, my best offense sword infantry has been a +HP Ayra, so I’m not sure what to do with her.

  5. Is Spring Narcian worth at all to invest in? I already have a Cordelia I use for Rokkr Sieges, but no one else.

  1. If you like using her merge her. Spd Tactic is now on NY Eir, but maybe keep a few copies for fodder just in case. :feh_birbpeek:
  2. Bridal Fjorm is a great choice. In general any high HP support unit (so not HS Micaiah, she has like 34 HP)
  3. Depends on if you use him sometimes or not. If you use him, merge. If you don’t, you can fodder.
  4. Spd, since powercreep has boosted the Spd needed for superfast swords recently.
  5. He’s a tanky lance flier, but there are other lance fliers out there. If you need a lance flier tank, Altena & Thea are normal pool options.


Merge the L!Lyn. Spd tactic is fairly niche and is on NY!Eir anyways. Besides if you enjoy using her that’s even more the reason to merge

B!Fjorm works very well with sudden panic. There are other users but generally other skills work better. It is B!Fjorm’s best b skill (or wrazzle dazzle but eh debatable depending on the role you want her to fill)

Don’t merge he Chrom’s unless you really like using them. -Res is a perfect bane. Also chill def and Aether are good skills

I would say +spd for Karla because no spd is enough these days

Sp!Narcian is certainly good. There are plenty of other lance flyers like Thea, Catria, Est, Altena, etc that will also work. Depends on how many copies of each you have


Merge. Spd Tactic 3 is available through NY!Eir, and Seth’s refine is quite literally Spd Tactic 3.

IMO, the best Sudden Panic users are supports, who generally don’t want to fight or units who don’t use their B skill to fight. Like the people above me said, B!Fjorm is the best candidate out of the ones you mentioned. Other units that come to mind are Loki, Male Corrin (support build), Brady, Ninian, Nils.

I think you should merge. Chill Def 3 is available through Walhart. If you want to fodder Exalted Chrom, do it for Aether.

I agree with the people above, +Spd. Karla vs Ayra is a debate that has been going on for quite a while now. It honestly is mostly up to preference since they are both so similar. Ayra has a bit more bulk, but not enough that it matters, while Karla generally does a bit more damage. If you have a +Spd Karla, I’d prefer her personally.

I would say yes, if you are like me and summoning for Spring Est, but [naturally] getting a bunch of Spring Narcian instead. The advantage he has over Altena and Travant is that his speed is good enough to invest on while still maintaining above average physical bulk.

  1. merge

  2. silvia is a great choice since she otherwise doesn’t need her B slot, personally she’s my first choice if i pull a copy. B! fjorm can be good too, but she has to give up wrathful.

  3. ehhh. i dont consider chills valuable now that they are all seals. i’d merge, but this can go either way.

  4. spd all the way

  5. art, voice, and abs aside, nuuuuuuu

  1. Merge. I have her at +7 rn and she’s surprisingly good.

  2. High Hp units. Along the lines of Gerik, toss it on Ross. Good bulk, well over 55Hp with minimal effort and merges.

  3. Merge. 61/35/38/20 with an extra 5/5/5/5 when out alone. It’s damn good and one-shots all green dragons.

  4. Spd. I have her at +10 with FB4 and wrath. Normally gets +12 flat damage on all attacks and +22 flat with wrath activation.

  5. Focus on Cordelia. Always best to focus on one unit at a time instead of 20 partial projects.



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All you gotta do is what I did when Draconic Aura banner comes back: spend 1300-ish orbs. You’ll get 18 Ares and 7 Kanas too!

Did I say 1300? I think it was more like 2600…


I’m still sad I foddered a Karla to F!Mareeta (and ended up foddering that Mareeta to Karla) :feh_elisad:
She’s fun, I wish she could join her family among my +10s.

omg everyone wrote so much and im too lazy to read…

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tldr: yes, high Hp, yes, Spd, no.


Based on what you guys have said:

  1. I have merged up my L!Lyn, but I kept some copies around in case I need Spd Tactic.
  2. I think I’ll fodder one of my Geriks to B!Fjorm and keep the rest for now, maybe my Silvia can get a Geishun+ and Hone Atk 4 from NY!Hrid.
  3. I’ll keep my Exalted Chrom’s intact for now and try using him a little more. I don’t really know what to do with him for now, but I really like what I have played him for so far.
  4. I’ll train Karla up first and then merge her if I like her. Luckily, both are -DEF so it shouldn’t be too big an issue.
  5. I’ll ignore Spring Narcian for now, but it’s cool I have two copies of him. XD
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You can fodder his spear, it’s a good weapon for physical walls!

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