Random Saber Gilles Thought

That is some GREAT final ascension art. I don’t care for the Gilles character (or actual historical persona); and obviously he isn’t much for gameplay, so I have had him towards the very end of my leveling list.

I finally raised him to his fourth ascension to collect the RUQ SQ; and what do I see but some of the best final ascension art I’ve seen in the game. Pretty crazy the stuff you can still turn up even after years of play.

That said, he still goes into the Second Archive dustbin once I’ve gotten him up Bond 10 for completeness lol


yeah his looks and gameplay on paper is great especially conidering how he goes from defending his country to rejecting god after what happens to jeanne. İf he had an arts np or better deck his gimmick of “pseduo berserker” could be fun to use.