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@Qwerty2424 just made this so we can rant hahaha

I like the fact that Female Teams are becoming more and more pushed to the background, same as Hybrids team.
Hybrids will make a huge comeback when Trunks/vegeta family comes to play along. Pan will make a comeback aswell, I just got that feeling, she will bring back Female AND hybrids team!! Pan, the quarter saiyan. Maybe a all new and Dragonball first SSJ Pan? Never been in Anime but hey, Shallot isn’t either !

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I just want my GT team to come out already lol. I can already see it, SSJ4 Goku, Vegeta and Gogeta. Also Baby and Omega Shenron. I know GT isn’t very well liked by most, but they got some cool characters I’d love to play with in game.


Haha great idea but its also hilarious, had to censor ourselves to one location :rofl:
I would enjoy a SSJ Pan and hybrids in general. I’d also love to see the Pride Troopers start to come in I can only imagine Jiren and God of Destruction Toppo, but that will definitely be a long way down the line.
GT would be awesome too I agree while some elements of the story were lacking there are some cool characters. A Dragon team with a Ice and Fire Shenron (forget their actual names) with Omega Shenron would be so cool

Android 14 looks like an offensive threat to me particularly in the strike arts category. While this team would leave a lot to be desired in the blast arts, Between SP Perfect Cell Yellow and 14 having great strike damage, Cell’s cover ability, and SP Android 17 Purple’s defensive capabilities I think it looks like a decent android team. Still not gonna waste more than the daily summon on this but looks to have potential.

Idk it would depend on the characters. We know we’re going to get them, we just don’t know when(although probably not for a long time). I guess it would just kind of depend. I’m looking forward to seeing those characters, but not very much since I don’t know what they would be. As for hybrid Saiyans, it’s gonna be a while before they get back into the meta. We never really saw very much of them of in the first place, at least not dedicated teams, they just mixed them in with saiyans. But a new meta would be nice, it’s gotten a little stale with the same teams over and over, same few characters, that kind of thing. Also, I don’t think its as unlikely as it may seem for ssj pan. We gotten so many things like that in dokkan, things like ssj3 Broly, barlot, Whirus, that kind of thing. I get that those are from video games, but if we can get those in dokkan, we’ll probably get ssj pan in legends, although it’s gonna be a while.

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Agreed it is definitely slow for getting new characters and on top of that the meta is so dominated by the current tags getting one character that adds a new tag won’t bring a huge shift as not everyone will be able to use that tag. I guess that is unavoidable with the amount of Saiyan characters, especially main characters that exist in Dragon Ball as compared to all the other tags. That is true, as a game it doesn’t have any story line to follow it is up to the developers’ will as to what characters they release. Hopefully SSJ Pan and those other characters are in the plans.

I think SSJ Pan wont be here for at least two years as the current storyline is going. I do see a whole vegeta team with new Trunks coming in the near future. As @dracus07 said, Kefla will bring a whole new dimension with her seeing she is a Female Warrior and a fusion character.
Personaly I am hoping for the late GT and DB Super characters to roll out later this year.

And I’m sorry but I am going to call it:
-----> Two year anniversary: Super Saiyan Aspect and Jiren <-----

With some DB Super characters out already (Zamasu, Cabba, Ribrianne, etc) I’m really hoping we won’t have to wait another whole year before we see these guys. Obviously I’m now expecting to see a huge meta shift in the next couple updates, but I’d definitely like to see them start building towards it with each update as the new characters slowly role out.

I wouldnt expect to see any fanon characters like ssj3 broly etc until all the actual characters have been added from super and gt and the movies either.


I agree with both of you, I expect them to start rolling out a new meta, but not soon. We just got a new fusion and god-ki team that is also overtaking the son team and the regen team, so the meta has already changed. I do think they are gonna roll out new meta teams starting late summer. I think GT will get new characters as we already have Pan, Rilldo, Vegeta, Kid Goku, and GT Trunks (ex) they need a mayor purple character. What would you want to see?

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That is true I’m not expecting to see much fanon, especially the crazier ones like the fusion ones. Would still be cool to see a couple in the future so I have my hopes up.

I want more Shallot content!!! I bet they will do a fusion dance and a potara fusion with Shallot and Giblet!!
Shiblet or Gallot?

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For new GT characters Baby (and the people he possesed) could be a tag, Giru would be a funny character, and Uub.

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I want a SP Shallot! Unlikely as he can be upgraded through the transformations he has and will get but I think the main character should get a better variant.
Giblet would be awesome, and the fusion version of them would look the same?:joy: Since it is implied they look alike.

They are twins!! And if they fuse they would look the same indeed, but as Shallot is the strike pro and Giblet the blast pro, he would become an awsome adittion! + I think that when Shallot goes SSJ3 he goes to EX rarity and when they fuse they might go SP together! And after that, SSJ3 Potara Shallot/Giblet

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Oh I was thinking way more complicated for shallot, as in make a whole new variant that is SP. The way you say it is much better, the transformation he has equipped can up his rarity. When do you think SSJ3 is coming? It depends on how fast they want to move the game because he has a lot of transformations to go. The way it looks though he needs something extra to beat Cell

Have you played the entire story yet?? Because I believed they destroyed Cell in the final battle that came out like yesterday or so. But remember who came after cell?? Buu if I’m correct? And SSJ3 and the fusions were to defeat Buu :thinking::smirk:

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Yeah I did play the story, but for a second I thought there was an update I missed. I just checked though completed everything and I don’t remember beating Cell all the way or Buu showing up. I must have not been paying attention. :rofl:

Yup I just totally missed the story I must have been thinking of something else and everything didn’t even process haha

Ooh but Buu has not showed up!!