Random vent (OK, not so random)

Yesterday, had a rough day battling.

My UL team is A-Muk, Giratina-O (not A), and Poliwrath. Very strong except for a weakness to fairies. Keep reading.

So I go to do a set of 5 battles early in the day, and every team I face has Clefable, including one who had Clefable and Togekiss. Naturally, despite my best efforts, I go 0 for 5. Ouch.

I hit the computer, do some research, and figure that fairy is resisted by steel, poison, and fire. How about Heatran - tanks Charm, and can even take a meteor mash. So I find a good candidate, power him up to UL levels, 3move him, and try again, replacing Poliwrath on the team. I start another set of 5 battles, and lo and behold, none of my foes is using Clefable or Togekiss. Swampert makes short work of Heatran (not a fan of the double weakness to ground), Snorlax is a major pain to deal with lacking fighting, so I manage to pull out a win in the final battle when my opponent doesn’t realize that Giratina gets slaughtered by A-Muk (our leads), leaves him in, blows both shields, and still loses, so he withdraws. 1 for 5, not a fairy in sight.

How do you all deal with the pesky fairies that do a number on Dark, Ghost, and Fighting pokemon? Before you say ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’, know that I have a maxed Clefable that I used all preseason, and had good but not great success with. Too predictable, not enough flexibility, but solid. Want to beat the pink menaces, not use them again.

Sometimes I just want to delete the damn game from my phone. So I put it down for a while, and get to work.

I was having problems with lead off fairies, so I lead with Charizard (Fire Spin, Blast Burn, Dragon Claw). I also run Giratina-A (Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw, Ancient Power) and A-Muk (Snarl, Dark Pulse, Sludge Wave). Since changing to this team, my winning percentage has improved. Charizard is excellent against both faries and grass, but you need to block Togekiss’ Ancient Power.

It’s not the point, the point is if you use a hard counter against something you see only counters on that lead.

I don’t know why, but last Great League tourney when I run Charizard I see Skarmories and Tropius almost unerringly and I basically steamrolled a big chunk of them.

I run Scizor with Bullet Punch/Night Slash/Iron Head. My team has 99 problems, but Fairies ain’t one. Overall, a very decent performance from Scizor, saved my ass a couple times.

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You don’t have Swampert

You run Swampert, you win

I haven’t got Swampert too. Damn it, it’s so good. It’s unfair for those that weren’t playing PoGo when the Community Day happenned, like me. Are they going to release it again?

Is that really your experience? Cause I see a lot of guys with Swampert and I hand their asses to them, mostly. They rely on it too much, I feel. Regis and Melmetal are bugging me much more.

Not sure how to help because I find GBL frustrating as heck. In preseason I couldn’t win any of the battles until ML but that was difficult too.

I started to win during this new season with the suggestions used by the guides on this site. Been losing too because I forgot some of my pokies don’t have access to legacy moves or I only have 1 of a specific pokie because I threw out some of the lower IVs of a pokie.

I did fairly well yesterday with 4 of the 5 sets I did. I used Registeel, A Giratina, and Swampert with Earthquake and Surf (no HC because I evolved it before CD). This order seems to work well but I have a hard time when my rating gets higher like above 1500.

Maybe use the suggestions on this site but I can’t really help you with Clefairy or Togekiss. I feel like sort of like wild e coyote chasing after road runner with the GBL.

I can handle it without using a single hard counter, but Swampert on a rampage or the ancient power boost is usually the deciding factor

A-Mewtwo is basically my only pokemon that can handle more than 2 Hydro Cannons

What about switching your A-muk to poison jab? You could more or less keep up with charmers in that case while still keeping the core of the team in tact. Swampert does help. He takes neutral matchups like a boss, I find that he beats up on Clefable pretty well but Togekiss is a bit tougher.

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The main point of A-muk in Ultra League is that it counters Giratina. So the fast attack absolutely must be Snarl. Switching to a poison fast move to deal with fairies is overthinking things.

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If your Poliwrath is mainly for Snorlax, maybe you can consider replacing it with Frenzy Plant Venusaur? It has positive match-up against Snorlax, resists Charm and has Sludge Bomb to hit Fairies SE, also can deal with Swampert to protect A-Muk. It has trouble with Fire, Steel and Confusion users, but your Tina-O and A-Muk should be able to cover them.


I love to see team with Swamper. Since my only strong Pokemon is CP 2433 Leafeon, those Swamper got killed mercilessly. So far my percentage is 3/5. I got 4/5 several times but also 2/5 several times too. My team has CP.2399 Cebalion, CP.2433 Leafeon and CP.1799 Umbreon (this is for Snorlax, Ginatina and any fire type Pokemon)

I agree.

In the Clefable vs. A-Muk matchup, A-Muk usually wins, unless the Clefable player commits two shields, which is usually what happens on the open. A-Muk gets taken down by charm, blocking a single Meteor Mash, while Clefable uses both shields and has 75% stamina left. Now, tack on something else that can hurt the Fairy, and it’s game over for it, but that requires more resources, and it can probably fire off a second meteor mash before getting poisoned or steeled.

Switch the fast attack on A-Muk from Snarl to Poison Jab, and the end results are the same, except Clefable takes more damage. Two shields committed will allow the win for Clefable.

This is a fail if you lead with A-Muk, so I’d prefer to lead with something else, and have the A-Muk vs. Clefable matchup happen later, where a single sludge wave can’t get shielded and will end Clefable.

Double steel seizor plus Night Slash looks very promising, but like many specialized counters, it has a lot of trouble with other stuff. Goes down hard to Swampert, forget about Charizard, beats Venusaur, though, almost even with A-Muk, beats regular and shadow Muk, and can put some hurting on Giratina with Night Slash and Bullet Punch before going down.

Still more to think about, but I’m willing to bet that if I start leading with Scizor, I’ll start seeing a ton of Charizard leads.

Dude, Umbreon is a beast in the GL, but can’t play in the UL - you gotta change that to something with a CP closer to the cap. While it will do well against Giratina, most other stuff will destroy it. Consider A-Muk, for something that plays similarly. Try to get a lucky friend to trade a Alolan Grimer to you, and power the beast up to close to 2500. If you can’t do it for this season, think about next season.

Of course, next season, we’ll probably have the ice dragons around, so the meta may shift completely. We’ll see.

I bet your pardon. My Umbreon holds his own in Ultra League. I just went 5/5 this morning.

I pack multiple steel-types because I see so many fairies and 'Tinas. Charizard is also a good option but relies on baiting to really put in the work. Plus it gets wrecked by Swampert.

Be that as it may, I suspect you can do better. Consider Shiftry, who is up around CP 2350 when maxed out, has Snarl and Foul Play like Umbreon, and can shred Swampert and bait shields with Leaf Blade. Or Alolan Muk, as I mentioned, who packs Snarl, Dark Pulse, and your choice of Sludge Wave (slightly faster) or Gunk Shot (slightly higher DPS). Both A-Muk and Shiftry win all even shield matchups with Umbreon, and that’s for a maxed out umbreon at CP 2137. Dial the CP down to 1801, and both A-Muk and Shiftry win even with a one shield disadvantage. All of this is per simulations on pvpoke.com.

Sure, A-Muk brings poison typing, but that dark/poison typing leaves him with just a single weakness to ground, and useful resistances to Ghost, Dark, Grass, Poison, and Psychic. And Shiftry gets resistance to Grass, Ground and Water (again, good for beating Swampert), but does also get a host of weaknesses.

I’m guessing you’re not level 40 from the levels your pokemon are at. You also might want to consider trying types that you can power up to 2500 at your current level.

I stand by my statement that, despite several wins, a CP 1799 Umbreon isn’t optimal in the Ultra League. That’s not to diminish your success with it - if you had a stronger team, you’d win even more matches. But it’s not carrying it’s weight in UL.

Thank you. I just picked up this game back up about 3 weeks ago, so Eevee’s army is all i got. I played when the game first came out in 2016 then stopped untill this quarantine thing. I am level 27 and the only thing I has to counter Giratina is Umbreon.

I lead Venusaur, then shiny Cresselia Psycho Cut/Aurora Beam+Moonblast; then finish with maxed Registeel or a shiny Gira-A. I usually lose to fire when I pick Registeel or to Swampert when my Venusaur gets wasted, I slaughter Fairies though. When I finish with Giratina-A I hate A-Muk and Scizor with FC/NS.
I always hate when I lose to the people I suspect are cheating though, I have that suspicion 1 out 10 battles. My side will switch in and just not be doing anything, I’ll start doing something with 10% health left.