Ranged Team and Shift & Push Team! Are mine good enough to get the Job done?


I was wondering once again:

I just build a Long range Team and a “Get over here! & yeet!” Team!
And after long thinking and building I wanted to hear some opinions to know if these two Teams I created are up to the task!

Part 1:

  1. Ey and Car are for any high defense Opponents and Car doubles as a Ranged Tank and to decelerate opponents!
  2. Ambi and Fire are to make sure low defense ground enemies are not forgotten!
  3. Ely is pretty self explanatory, he’s just too convenient to be left out of any Ranged Team!
  4. Ptilo and War are not just to heal but to also make sure that some of the short comings with some of the Operators are evened out and the things they do good are improved further!
    Best examples:
    A. Ambriel x Warfarin: Make up low Atk Speed with huge Atk Buff
    B. Firewatch x Ptilo/War: Almost nonstop invincibility + stealthy murdering or quicker bombardment!
    C. Quicker charging of Ey’s Skills and reaching Car’s Overcharge faster!

Part 2:

Angelina and Skadi can both help with healing, also Angi makes opponents lighter with her 3rd Skill, perfect for snatching and yeeting them!
And Skadi can buff DPS enough to consider using this Team in some Maps that don’t include pits!

Sooo, what do ya say?

Can these two Teams be victorious in some situations? :fgo_shiki_confused:

Thanks a million for any answers! :fgo_astartepeek:
They are obviously not for every situation but I already have a Team for that!
In case of interest:


I am not an Arknight expert. As a matter of fact someone noticed in one of my threads that I am more of a full-contact player than anything else. So take everything I say with a grain of salt.

From the operators you have posted for Sniper Knights Team, Firewatch seems the most inconsistent to me. Having used her several times, while her S2 does a generous amount of damage, it takes too long to load and its targets can be too random if multiple enemies are in her possible range.

Her S1, while great for pseudo-invincibility since I believe AoE like Patriot can still kill her, she still fires too slow and sometimes her trait to target low-def enemies can be detrimental during high risk CC when a high def but almost dead enemy walks away to the base while your melee operators are either busy or dead. It happened to me during the cc where dead walkers get berserker on a dessert map. Bad planning on my part, but still, she isn’t for general use in my experience.

Ambriel is of the same archetype as Firewatch, but she is even more random with her stuns. She has infinite range, but she fires soooo slow that I don’t know how the guy/gal that trained her uses her in general content.

If you want 100% range in that team you should switch for your Ceobe and W since both can do more consitent damage and they will blend nicely with Carnelian and Eyja for firework displays. If you get lucky and get an Ifrit, Inferno Supremacy is the answer. Never say no to fire magic.

For Pull and Push Knights I don’t have anything to say. In my experience, on harder maps heavier enemies tend to appear more often and there are very few maps where you can push them into the pits of hell or sometimes pulling foes can create scenarios where you overwhelm your blockers faster. Careful play will circumvent this problem but on the heat of the moment when you are this close to finish the map with a perfect run and then you screw up one of your pulls will cost you dearly. During my first test runs with Gladiia when I was an absolute newbie she pulled some detonating bugs and that killed my frontline. Ever since then I have been careful whenever it comes to activate her skill.

As a said, playstyles are different but those are my two cents on the matter. Have a nice one.

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This is a difficult question to answer, as a lot of lineups can work.

Your Part 1 team is light on crowd control, so maybe add one of your pullers there? I know they are melee units, but they act like ranged units.

Funnily enough, the way their trait works is the opposite of how you usually want their targeting to work. Even with their high firepower, low def units often still need 2 shots to kill.
Even if the enemy had taunts taking the heat off their low def units, you would rather use AoE or skills to clear them.

She gets her stun at E2, but its not her stun that defines her, its her E1 skill with infinite range. She fires slowly, but every second spent not attacking is a waste :sunglasses:

With a full ranged team, ranged tiles become scarce, so having someone who doesn’t need to be in the thick of the action would be nice. Even if enemies leak past your other units, she still targets the enemies closest to your blue box, if they have lowest def.

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Infinite range, huh? Well, the one I borrowed had the stun skill equipped so it left an average impression on me. Not a bad one at all since it did have its uses but at the end of the day I am more of a “get hit and counter with carnage” guy. It’s the beauty of this game. Even if you use top operators if you mix them wrong they will still fail so it forces you to change at least one guy/gal and the whole thing changes.

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That’s a common misconception I also made in the start. She actually doesn’t have a stun skill, just a slow on her S1. The 25% stun comes from her passive E2 talent and can proc on either skill.

I don't want to derail this thread to me gushing about Ambriel so I'll hide the details lol
  • Skill 1 does not increase her attack and only gives her +1 tile extra range. As such I don’t recommend this skill.
  • Skill 2 is where its at. Massive attack buff (She can reach 2k attack on M3) and global range.

The talent only procs on enemies hit outside of her normal range. As such S2 has infinitely better chances to proc it. I don’t recommend rushing to E2 to get it, because as you said it is too random, and prioritizes weak units anyways (who don’t need to be stunned).
The talent also works on enemies even without increasing your range (skills), if they leave your range during attack animation.


Apparently Firewatch, when invisible, is not hit by anything, not even AOE!
And for high defense opponents I added two maged! :fgo_ishtarwink:

Besides: Angelina can make opponents lighter and when I add a Character with a hook I always make sure to place them in a way that they pull opponents away from my Tanks! (Instead of towards them) :fgo_astartepeek:

I’m still kinda hoping for a new Infinity sto- err range Sniper to replace Ambriel . . . Well, either that or they could give Ambriel the “Glow up treatment” some Operators are getting! :fgo_ishtarwink:

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Also, Ambriel just got one of those new things that give her a neat upgrade! How were they called . . . Modul? Modem? :fgo_mordredthink:

I’d give my opinion here but something I wanna answer first. And one thing I wanna clarify.

The answer is yes. In fact, almost any team and combination of Ops is viable in some way assuming they aren’t used on a map with a mismatch of Ops and enemies (like Defender only in a drone-heavy map).

So what I wanna clarify is this.

You already know that the two teams can’t be used for everything, and you seem ready to switch to your main team if needed.

So I’m just curious what the end goal is of making the ranged team and shift team is if you’re probably just going to switch to your mean team when the specialized teams come up against something they can’t handle.

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Well, in case I do can use them I definitely will! My Main Team always annihilates pretty much everything!
But . . . It’s getting a bit boring always using the same Operators all the time!
Also, aside from those “only Ranged” Maps I really enjoy creating a Team for every Situation! :fgo_astartepeek:

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I always make a new squad for new content! I start with my favourites and newest units, and slowly replace them as the difficulty ramps up. Later when it is time to farm the stages I optimize my squad.

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It’s an interesting idea

Team 2 could make use of more varied shift mechanics

Immediately I thought of Croissant replacing one of the defenders with her S2 and finding room for Ash’s S3 which I imagine would be a really fun skill to play around with

But there are loads of options really:


This makes me wonder . . . Are there any other “underrated” Operators? As in: Low rarity but secretly better than higher rarities? (Like Cuora, Mirtle and Bubble) :fgo_mordredthink:

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I wished I could have participated in that cross over Event . . . I missed Ash and the others . . . :fgo_jeannu:

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Kross. There were certain maps during the CC event where she and Blue Poison did an excellent job holding back some drones while my Chen charged her shotgun to kill massive waves during the last section of the map or kill that stupid imperial drone that takes forever to kill at S level challenge.

I can’t believe this AA bunny sniper at such budget level can compete with higher rarities at similar levels, and I can’t wait for Mama Kross to grace the NA server.


A bunch of the 4 stars perform very well, maybe not better than the best 5 stars, or the six stars, but they are cheaper to raise so are very good options

4 stars everyone should raise are Myrtle, Gravel, Jaye

Then the list of 4 stars that punch above their weight class would be something like: Click, Pinecone, Sussurro, Utage, Perfumer, Cuora, Vigna, Podenco, and you can probably add May, Arene, Bubble and Cutter to that list, but I don’t know about those ones


Ethan is pretty good too.


Who? :fgo_mordredthink: