Rank 8 but paired with Rank 9 opponents?

I just reached Rank 8. Been enjoying Great League and Master Premier. However, I lost 0-5 today and noticed that the system was pairing me with Rank 9 opponents. Is this a bug?

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No bug & you are not the only rank 8 going against rank 9’s. Our rating is hidden until rank 9. There’s no proof, but most people think that matchmaking is highly dependent on our rating even though we can’t see it. That’s probably why you are battling rank 9 players when you are rank 8. The same thing has been happening to me and others.

There is no difference between rank 8 and 9. Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind. The shadow: our points.

Not sure if this is proof. A few weeks ago in UL, a person in our group was in rank 8 but was facing rank 9a that were on top 500 leaderboard. After he finished rank 8, he also ended up on the leaderboard. My two accounts that saw many prior season rank 10 poses also ended up in 2500s. Hidden rating is a thing for sure.

I wonder from what level on… Played my daughter’s account with 1500ers mons in ML pc and up to rank5 we mostly faced other low lvl players battling with sub 2000s mons

The rank doesn’t matter. As far as I know Rank 5-6 is already infested with top tier players that literally outmaneuver anything you CAN possibly do and they explicitly display as Rank 5-6.

On the contrast Rank 9 doesn’t always mean the player is better than you.

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