Rank the Rule Brakes

There are tons of ways pokemon go players ignore part of EULA / take advantage of bug / exploit
My friend and I were chatting and talking about what’s “worse” here’s our list of things we’ve seen
and just for fun rank them… from worst to least . Obviously some of these go together, we just tried to think of every way to use them and listed seperately

a) Spawn Scanners: For Raids
b) Spawn Scanners: For Rare Pokemon
c) Spawn Scanners: For IVS (100%/Good)
d) Multiple Accounts of your own
e) Shared Accounts (Friends/Family)
f) Fast Catch
g) Step-Swings: For Candy
h) Step-Swings: For Egg Hatching
I) Spoofing
J) PVP-exploit (Melmetal Rock Slides back in day)

We debated IV-checkers back in the day (3rd party info back then), but since game updated and now shows IVs we decided it was moot now a days

There’s no right answer, this is just a for fun-time waster. How do you rank these

Fast catch is cheating? Oh man I’m doomed, I’m going to hell…

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A-C do not break any rules. It’s no different from someone finding one in the game and reporting it to a group chat, scanners are just more efficient. F-H do not break any rules.

A-C use bots to report them to discord/etc. The bots are 100% against the rules. You are correct that a player could notice/announce them. but that wouldn’t be efficient. More importantly, the person running the scanner isn’t doing it for free. They are making money, which breaks both the rules and user agreement.

Niantic Player Guidelines – Niantic.

4 - No cheating

Don’t do it. Play fair. Our games are meant to be played on mobile devices and get you outside to have adventures in the real world. Don’t deny yourself or someone else of an authentic gameplay experience by cheating.

Swings = Absolutely against that

  • intentionally exploiting a bug to gain reward,

Fast Catch is exploiting a bug to gain more catches by bypassing the catch graphics and the time it takes the graphics. There is no option to shut catch graphics in game (there should be), and fast catch isn’t something a new player knows how to do. It’s something you have to find on internet/something someone shows you and it does give you a competitive advantage over players who don’t know about it.

Swings are likewise exploiting a bug to gain steps to get candy/hatches

I don’t mean this post as a holier-than-though or accusatory as I readily admit to breaking Acct Sharing part myself. It was just a bar conversation one of my friends and I were talking about over a couple of beers that I thought would be a fun time waster. Obviously things you don’t view as cheating are the ones you’d rank lowest. :>

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Show proof all scanners are bots and all scanners charge people. Swings are not an exploit, there is no bug. It works no different than putting the phone in your pocket and walking around. Show me where Niantic says Fast Catching is a bug.

Sorry, but… :D
Ever went to court?

The swings specifically on Niantics rule page says the game is about going outside. Putting your phone on a swing isn’t going outside. Same thing about Fast Catch being exploiting a bug. Nianatic did fix fast catch for an update or 2 on Iphones. If you don’t consider skipping the graphics exploiting a bug, it doesn’t matter to me.

We don’t have to argue about swings or fast catching. You shouldn’t care if I consider them exploits
nor do I care if you don’t. I was just attempting to have a time wasting thread for a slow day at work… although I suppose me typing this response and reading your response accomplishes the same goal :>

Now the scanners though, I think we will have to agree to disagree. The proof that the scanners are bots is very very easy and its the accurate despawn timers that the bots report to the second accuracy on Discord.
Do you really think some player is watching for spawns. Then when sees the spawn. Looks at the clock. Adds an exact to the second despawn time. Including knowing the exact amount the time it takes them to type that message so they can put 29 min 25 sec and be accurate to the exact second? Even if a human saw the spawn, and calculated, there is no way they would announce it to the second of typing in the message. Even raid timers wouldnt be 100% accurate if humans were reporting… Bots reporting is accurate beyond human typing.

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You asked us to rank the rule breakers but provided no evidence the choices listed break the rules. Quote the EULA or other statement by Niantic, not your opinion or interpretation.

I think we’re stuck on semantics :>

I linked the rules in my earlier response to you. For example the rule " * intentionally exploiting a bug to gain reward," is against the rules.

If I interpret something as intentionally exploitive, I’d rank it higher. That’s what this list was. Things a friend and I over a beer said could. If you think something isn’t a bug exploit, then you might rank that at the bottom.

We’re not Niantic, we don’t have the power to “OK” something or “Punish” something.
Part of deciding whether something is a bug exploit, would impact your subjective ranking judgement.

Want a fun way in your discord to see fast catch, ask group to post on a community day before it starts how many they caught. Then post at end, how many. I guarantee you fast catchers will have hundreds more catches, and people who didn’t know about it will be like “How the heck did you get so many”

Just as another blast from the past example.

The power up button used to disappear after 38.5.
Players could log in thier account on 3 devices, hit power up on all three and hit 40.
Niantic never said it was exploit to log into same account on 3 devices to do that. Many players did.
Nicantic never said it was okay either. Many players felt level 40 pokemon were in the game and meant and that they were just working around a bug.
Exploit? Bug-work around?

Depended on who you asked, some players refused worried a ban wave would hit and openly called for bans for level 40 pokemon (who were an advantage in CP for the old gym system) . Other players didn’t feel they did anything wrong at all.

This reminds me of an old thread where I asked if it would be deemed cheating to gaffer tape my phone to the cat. Now, it’s not in the rules so…


Please do it! And take a photo so we can collect evidence for future threads to come…


I’ll put on my oven gloves and see what I can do.


Maybe she’s even better in pvp than you ;)
Can’t wait her arriving to be back and you’re lvl 50 and veteran rank :D

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She’s amazing at PoGo, she leaves Pidgeys and Rattata on the back step all the time, she’s also had Buneary and Drillbur too. She’s actually smart enough that she could be better than me, at pretty much anything, she’s probably already at Ace Rank now. She’s definitely better than me at PvP.


I believe I told you before that it’s a bad idea, because cats are lazy bastards.

Dogs on the other hand…

Not this one, she can really shift. Her twin brother is pretty lazy. My partner went for an interview on the other side of town a few years ago and the cat actually turned up outside the place she went. We’re pretty sure she’s got a dirt bike or something.

In my experience, with other people’s cats, attaching stuff to them throws off their balance so they just fall over and lay there.

When attaching the exoskeleton to the cat, please refer to the enclosed user manual to ensure all locks and fasteners are in place. Doing so will help prevent poor performance, injury, or death. Enjoy your new augmented cat!


Our Fi would stay on balance, remove whatever was stuck to her, rig it into some kind of weapon and use it to defeat the augmented cat. She’s like Michael Biehn only she’s still standing at the end.