Rank up event question

Hi everyone. Are there any upcoming events that reduce the ap cost of rank up events? So far I have seen ap reduction for interlude,daily quests and main quests but nothing for rank up quests.

As I remember it we had the rank-up last year? At the 14M Downloads Campaign I think you missed it. I remember doing it myself. :)

It wouldn’t surprise me if they put one out again, maybe before the gilfest rerun.

We should get 1/2 cost RQ for Anniversary late June

So there aren’t any events for this in near future?

There may or may not be in NA version which was in JP version called “Epic of Remnant Comic Release” in July. Problem is that not all JP stuff gets to NA. Plus the campaign didn’t count of all of SSR but a selected bunch.

I think I just did mine when I saw that we got 2SQ :D and 10SQ for each 10th done.

@CrazyPterodactyl I thought 4th anni only had QP, EXP and Training Grounds dailies halved. I didn’t know that it also had RQ on ½cost.

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Every anni gets a dozen RQ aand 1/2 AP cost campaign - it is a traditon :fgo_ishtaridgaf:
Here it is for upcoming 4th Anni from JP (it is 2 years ahrad of us and date s late July, early August, unlike NA)

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I see. I only started last year so I didn’t notice anything at the 3rd anni because all of it was still new to me. Although I have to admit that even if I look at the link and see the strengthening quests, I can’t find the ½AP message on those rankup quests.

Still if you are sure and used to it then it’s probably true. :slight_smile: