Rank Up Quests Pt 12 (5th Anniversary Special)

Announced with the 5th Anniversary stream, we’ll have 14 different RUQs, launching 2 a day for the first 5 days and then 4 on the final day. They’re pretty much all noticeable enough to warrant a discussion on what you’re most interested in.

Day 1:


Phantom gets a buff to his S2 - it goes from an anti-Female/Caenis charm to a general Charm (same rate, 90% at max), adds buff removal for that same enemy, and lowers the CD at max from 7 to 6. Buff removal is probably the best feature here but otherwise Phantom is still bad.

Bryn gets a buff to her S2 - it’s just an addition of a battery, 30% at max. This is great with Mana Loading since it’ll allow her to NP right away, on her own, with just a 50% CE (of which there are plenty). It’s not a huge change to her performance but on raids it’ll make it easier to use her.

Day 2:


Buff for Darius’ S3. The Guts stays the same, but it’s an AoE Buster Resist Down (flat 20%) and lowers the CD at max from 7 to 6. Darius isn’t ever going to be an especially useful farmer, since he doesn’t have any NP charging, and he isn’t that great against Bosses since he doesn’t have much there (self debuff removal I guess?) but it does increase his damage for one wave from 31k/enemy to 38k.

Raikou’s is an NP buff - it has the normal damage buff, then reduces all enemies’ crit chance by a flat 20% for 3 turns. This is a significant damage increase though, taking her from a low of 24k/enemy (NP1, no S2 or S3) to 32k/enemy (same restrictions.) At the lucky end of S2 and both S3 traits, it goes from 61k/enemy to 81k. The crit down is :feh_lucyshrug:

Day 3:


David has an NP damage buff that also adds trait damage versus Giants (some servants -Asterios, Darius, Summer BB, both Bunyans; Spriggans; Giant Nobus; the LB2 giants; some oni, all among others).. This is a buff from 34k neutral to 41k; then 81k to Giants.

Yu’s is a S2 buff that largely fixes her NP. She used to strip :catpoleslide: her own buffs on NP, and had one turn of buff removal resistance to allow not terrible damage. Now, she has 3 turns of it and a 30% Attack boost. This takes her from 13k/enemy neutral @NP1 to 16k/enemy. Most notably this allows for Waver or Merlin buffs though. With a regular Kscope + her S2 Append, she can NP on turn 1, then has a 10% battery-over-time, a 27% battery from her S3, and with a Waver and a (Bride/Waver/Reines/Miyu/etc, 30% battery) NP again the next turn but deals more damage. Assuming the worst of a single Waver and a Miyu, she’d have 21k/enemy on turn 2. You’ve gotta work it to use her still, but it isn’t as bad as before.

Day 4:


Nezha has a standard NP damage increase, and a bit more Burn (3k/turn instead of 1k; if they survive). It increases her neutral damage from 16k/enemy to 21k/enemy @ NP1.

Arjuna has an S2 buff, adding a flat 10%/turn charge for 5 turns and lowering the skill CD from 10 to 8 at max level. Arjuna has so much competition in the AoE Buster Archer niche that any little bit helps. This doesn’t let him farm really (just like Yu) but if you’re using him on longer fights it’ll be good to have.

Day 5:


CasGil gets an NP damage buff and a flat party-wide boost to crit damage, 30% for 3 turns. Gil was already decent for Arts Crit teams with all 3 of his skills and his multi-hit NP, so this leans into what he’s good at. NP1 neutral damage goes from 15k/enemy to 20k/enemy.

Musashi has a massive NP damage buff, getting 3 effects she didn’t need lol. 1) standard damage ramp 2) extra damage to Alter Egos and Moon Cancers 3) more of an OC boost. Assuming NP1 and her S2 was used, she would have hit for 49k neutral. Now, that’s at least 70k, and if it’s one of those 2 classes it goes up to 105k. I looked quickly, and the majority of those classes right now are Earth (Musashi is Man) so that’s probably actually 95k, but not all of them have that disadvantage.

she didn’t need lol

For reference, the closest NP 1 Saber for comparison is Sigurd, who after his buff with this coming summer event will hit for 56k neutral, or 84k against Dragons. The closest general pool option is the Dioscuri who are only 42k neutral. You’d need NP3 Sigurd/NP5 Okita/NP4 Bride Nero/NP5 Bunny Astolfo/NP5 Dioscuri to match up to Musashi at NP1 if there aren’t traits at play. NP2 Sigurd vs Dragons; NP5 Okita w/stacked buffed S1; NP5 Nero Bride vs Sky; NP3 Benienma vs Chaotic and Evil if you want equal trait damage, so them at their peaks. NP5 Musashi though laughs at 158k neutral damage.

Day 6:

Even with the Musashi buff, this is the best day. We get 4 buffs to original Fate/Stay Night people, but not Medea :fgo_yumad:


OG Cu gets an S1 buff, lowering the CD at max for his Guts from 7 to 6. It also adds an Attack buff based on his remaining HP (for 3 turns). 20% + 30% * [1-current HP/Max HP]. I obviously can’t do NP damage calcs for every potential HP value, but @NP5 neutral he’d now do at most 57k. It’s anywhere from a 20% buff to a 50% buff, so if he had full HP he’d go from 38k to 46k. Also, this does update so if he activated it at full HP but was then wounded, the next turn he’d do more damage. It isn’t stuck at the original values.

Herc has the same Guts value for his S3, but now it stacks. So you can use him with his Bond CE, activate this to start the CD working, and it won’t go to waste. It also adds an on-Guts effect for 5 turns, where if Guts happens he gets a boost to his Busters of 20% for 5 turns. I assume this can also stack every time he dies? @NP1 he currently does 57k damage; this will at least bump him to 67k (if not more with more deaths).

Emiya has a 2nd buff to his S3, further increasing his rainbow’s power from 40% to 50%. It also lets him change his NP type to Arts for 1 turn. This has 2 uses. First is obviously more damage (barely), as he goes from 19k/enemy to just over 20k/enemy. The better use is looping - with a Kscope and maxed Mana Loading, he can NP on turn 1. Then, he swaps his card performance to Arts and charges up with a Waver and a single Castoria and can refund. An insane amount. He hits 134% in this video. . He’s then ready to NP again on the third turn.

Finally, Seiba. Oh Saber, the face that launched 1000 alts. The original Fate waifu. How could she get better than already being the best farming Saber in NA (and one of the best farmers period, thanks to universal “looping” from hard charges)? Just go nuts with her S2 :fgo_seibasurf: While it has the same 50%, 1-turn Buster buff, it changes all of her cards to Buster for a turn (so hello Buster crit brave chain :fgo_buster: ) and it increases her NP damage by 30% for the turn. She goes from 30k/enemy @NP1 neutral to 39k/enemy. And if that isn’t enough, she has that increased chance of a Buster chain (or just more Buster cards in general) to smack the boss with.

Why couldn’t Medea get an OP buff, she was part of Stay Night too god damn it :fgo_badciv:

So yeah, most of these buffs are pretty good. I’m a hard core Bryn stan, so I want that one, but the Emiya and Saber buffs are also noteworthy for me. What ones have you been eagerly anticipating for the last 2 years?




Yeah, she had a pretty decent pre-NP damage buff with that 50% Buster, it just was the only buff she’d probably have and combined with story-locked status, Assassin-class modifier, and no NP interlude, it wasn’t enough. If you can get NP2 or higher and any sort of external NP damage buff (like Oberon) or Attack buff (Reines) it starts to be not the worst for opening waves of 30kish HP enemies.

Still could use more though :fgo_yumad:


Finally David gets the trait damage he should always have had.


There’s a lot of buffs I’m excited for in this batch, and I’ve got almost all of them to enjoy to boot, bar Musashi. Arts Emiya is crazy for at least a turn at a time, Arjuna gets to be a fully tricked-out slowplayer with basically full debuff immunity and a bunch of charge. Lots of fun stuff.


For a moment there I thought these were new JP buffs, but these are just NA getting this round of buffs finally.

Here’s how I would rank them~

  • Finally some character added to their kit: David, Cu Chulainn, Heracles
  • General good buff: Brynhild, Raikou, Nezha, Arjuna
  • Fixing a faulty kit: Yu
  • Over the top: Musashi, Artoria, arguably Emiya
  • Band-aid on a hemorrhaging wound: Darius, Phantom

Looking forward to that Heracles buff, should be fun for when we get the Grail Fronts.


Yeah Heracles destroys with that buff. Outside of looping it’s probably the biggest buff of all of these since he just smacks so hard with his unga bunga chains in last man scenario’s and can last for so many turns that it’s ridiculous how many NP’s and face cards he gets to use.


I am so glad they buffed the weakest servant, Heracles. A servant whose niche is dying a ton had no place in FGO, so I am really glad that now he gets a buster buff when his useless booty dies. And fellas, we all know he will die A LOT because of how bad he is.

This might make him slightly usable, but probably not much better than top tier servants like Salome.


Day 6 waiting room


I feel like you meant most of this post to be sarcastic but ended up speaking truth anyway.


Yeah Hercs been kinda trash before now for a while, he really needed the extra damage in his last stand roll


Nezha is already NP2 for me and it still feels like damage is a bit weak
NP damage up seems like a nice addition


Small Edit:

They changed the dates around. Today was Phantom and Arjuna. If you look at the in game news, you’ll be able to see the class cards for each day and can match up the new ones that way if you want.


I’ve been waiting for Gil and Arjuna.
Can’t say that I use them in an optimal way but this makes Gil even better in my Hans/Lanling team.
Extra damage plus a crit boost, what is there not to love?

I like using Arjuna so I’m a bit curious to see how a longer battle feels.
A shorter CD+more NP should speed things up and as a bonus it will also open some doors for farming.


I wouldnt say trash

When I’m looking for a general dps I never bring ST buster berserkers anyway, so him not being a prime pick among them isnt really a hassle

But besides tamamo, he’s the starter servant who has definitely seen the most practical use since there’s nobody who even comes close to his last man potential


I KNEW someone wouldn’t be able to resist.(Because I wouldnt be able too)

I speak hyperbolicly when Im in a good mood, and swear like a sailor. So whatever you said after this I probably agree with.


Thank you for pointing that date change out. I thought that my game was bugged. I wonder why they shuffled Bryn and Arjuna.


I guess it was too hard to use Indomitable.


So they use an even less common word with an adjacent meaning and an extra syllable.