Rank up quests

My current number of to do rank up quests is piling up. Anyone have an idea on when the next bat h of half ap for rank up quest will drop? I’d rather not use the AP on the rank up quests while we have the current campaigns running.

14mil downloads campaign or whatever the equivalent Na version will be scheduled in around a month or two will have 1/4 ap strengthening yes 1/4ap

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This ^

Part of the reason for it is that the 14m DL campaign comes with the Extra Master Missions where we get 10SQ per 10 Rank ups completed.


Thank you! I’ll take that 1/4 ap reduction than none. I can wait for a month or so.

I think you’re misunderstanding it’s way cheaper. instead of 20ap for most RUQ it will be 5ap

And I cleared rank up quest fast like madman only to find out about this.

I misunderstood. I can wait for this it looks like its gonna be after summer 3.